My Last Will and Testicle–beneath the surface

Oh my literate brethren and cistern!

I am pleased to see this prompt being taken seriously. I have a backlog of entries yet to post, in a stack beneath the surface of the Satikushes. But before I do, I want everyone who visits here to consider helping us publish one of our fav authors, Kristy Webster.

Kristy Webster holds a parasol because her writing is sometimes just too illuminating!
Kristy Webster holds a parasol because her writing is sometimes just too illuminating!




This is a grass-roots effort to publish an exceptional author who might not otherwise get an opportunity to be published, simply because conventional publishers are run by conventional editors who might not recognize unconventional genius. His Moiness-in-Chief (that would be, well, Moi ) is not so myopic.

In order to lubricate those deep or shallow pockets and see that Kristy gets published, Billy Holder, who created the video for Raw Man utilizing the talents of Edward James Olmos, (I paid him the market rate: $2,500 for the professional video) and who created the video for Kristy at a hefty discount,( because he, too, believes in Kristy) has made this amazing offer:

Everyone who donates  to her campaign will be entered in a drawing to win their own video, equivalent in professionalism and in length to what Billy created for Raw Man and for The Gift of an Imaginary Girl.

You can use the video to promote your own book or cause, or to explain on YouTube why Donald Trump is the man for you. Your call.

Here is the link to the gofundme campaign.

The drawing will be held at the book launch of Tiffany Vakilian’s Ugly Drawers, Pretty Panties ( Vista California at sunset, concurrent to announcing the winner of our Beneath the Surface contest. You will be awarded one ticket for each ten dollars you donate, with an added bonus of FIVE extra tickets for each donation of $50 or more.  In other words, if you donate $60, you get eleven tickets.  Donate $110 and you get TWENTY ONE tickets. We will credit those who have already donated according to this calculus.

No money?  Post the link to the campaign on FB ( and let us know by posting in the comments on this page. (honor system–we don’t check, just let us know) and you get ticket for each time you share, up to three times.

Sounds chaotic, but what the hell.  Let’s have some fun with this.  I will see if Tiffany’s worthy husband can set up a podcast or equivalent at the time of the drawing.  Buy one of Tiffany’s books and post a review on Amazon before the 29th, and that will rate a ticket, too!

You need not be present to lose (or win, for that matter) DONATIONS must be received by noon August 29th, the day of Tiffany’s book launch.

The Gift of an Imaginary Girl is the first project we have funded this way.

Perhaps you’re next?

3 thoughts on “My Last Will and Testicle–beneath the surface

  1. Michael Stang says:

    Creatives, such as ourselves, employ extremely condensed energy. When rightly focused it can bring about amazing results. Here, our beloved Kirsty Webster is spinning on top of a new adventure in publishing. Hopes, dreams (maybe a bit of money, it happens from time to time), are in the risk; all or nothing. Ah, yes, a writer’s life. Art Saves Lives is her motto, her mojo. Oh I could tell you a story, but it is important to say she heralds the truth. Let her save your life, mine. Let’s get this golden girl published, and see what salvation can do.

    • Parisianne Modert says:

      A Roundup is always a great idea, so roundup your donations and send them on in to the GoFundMe barn. How about a roundup every paycheck or whenever you russel up a little extra grub? We got to get this little lady out of that dat burn rodeo gate and that’s no bull. By gingy the hat’s being passed around so join on in. “Everybody’s sure to win.” Yee-haw!!!

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