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Kristy Webster’s third time charms…again

Claire...the moment I met you I swear...Kristy Webster has a talent that eludes most writers, including myself: how to express despair without sounding like a victim, or alienating you readership. Love, hate, anger, fear: these are easy to translate into the written word. But what of the soft grievances of loneliness? Here is Kristy's third and final entry into our contest. All new entries must be submitted by midnight, tonight, land of the double-entundra time. (that would be Moscow)

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Kristy Webster breaks down our resistance, again

Kristy Webster is a reason men love women: She is so insightful, so truthful, so courageous with her vulnerable womanhood, her psyche. And perhaps women love her for the same reason. It is as if she has a safe deposit box, pulls out a story, a thought, a phrase, as needed, to spend in the world as others would spend a few dollars on bread. How much more of this does she have in the vault? Will she go back for more, again?

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Kristy Webster is simply eloquent…Again

I will be the first to confess I have always been a fan of Kristy's. I was delighted when she won our $500 prize in the Peggy Dobbs Write of Passage contest, and relieved that I was not the judge--she won by popular acclaim. I believe she is destined for greatness, and for this reason we have her magical-realism novella, "CoCo" in our store, to help speed up the process. She cautioned me that this contest entry might be a little too dark. I remind all our readers, we at A Word with You Press are editors, not censors. Too dark? You decide. "Myself, I long for love and light, but must it come so cruel, and oh so bright?" (Leonard Cohen, the ballad of Joan of Arc)

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