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Imaginative: Elizabeth Price’s mind bridges Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres

I do seek individuality and resent being compared to another writer, regardless if it’s meant [...]

Alpinist of Life (Part 2): Jacek ‘Skyski’ Skrzypczinski shares the roadsigns of his path

If you have everything easy, you don’t enjoy it as much as if you had [...]

Alpinist of Life (Part 1): Jacek ‘Skyski’ Skrzypczinski guides dreamers to their summit

Everyone’s life is so rich... you should pay attention to it, and then go and [...]


Working for his muse (Part 2): R. T. Sedgwick engineers his poetic vision

My first measure of a 'good' poem is that its attraction is lasting - I [...]

Reyna Grande

I am sure this was an honest mistake, but according to Reyna, it was (is?) [...]


Working for his muse: R.T. Sedgwick bridges the worlds of science and poetry

In poetry, there are no rules for writing and questions don't have to be answered.

Being Adopted (Part 3): Paige Adams Strickland explores what inspires her

I saved my journals until my first book was finished. I pitched a lot of [...]

Being Adopted (Part 2): Paige Adams Strickland teaches with fun

We are all more alike than we are different.

Being Adopted (part one): adoptee Paige Adams Strickland writes her story

When my kids began asking many deep questions, I began to write it all down.


Legendary: Robert Marazas shares the source of his inspiration

Once I had the main character fleshed out, his journey to the end of the [...]

Cornwall’s Spy Novelist – Derek Thompson just follows the muse (Part 2)

Good writing gives us permission to feel; done well, it demands it from us.