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An Autobiographical Cartoon

Yes, it’s true. This week the story is entirely autobiographical. Wuss and I are like twins seperated at birth, except those few key major differences. He is 13, I am 24.
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The Artist in Ireland

So this week, it was not the boys fault they’re late. It is most definately mine. Currently I am sitting out in the sticks near Tullow an hour or so south of Dublin, surrounded by the Irish family.
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The Lure of the Christmas Tree

He just will not learn. You’ll see next year- he’ll end up doing the exact same thing…
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Our Intrepid Explorer…

It’s good to see a little drama in every day situations. Or at least, that’s how Wuss and I see it….
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A Letter to Santa

Good ol’ Wuss.

He may struggle to enjoy the snow and ice and cold which dominates our Christmas time, but he certainly knows how to get in to the spirit.
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The Classic Fairy Tale

Some people really are that stupid…
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To type, or not to type…

Computers are indeed important in our society today. They enable us to keep in contact with loved ones far away, swap photographs and stories, read up on current affairs.
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The Birthday Edition

So it was Ruthies 24th birthday yesterday, and we are all feeling somewhat delicate and pathetic.

If you need us we shall be horizontal somewhere watching trashy telly, probably clenching onto a half eaten burger and covered (somewhat inexplicably) with glitter.
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The problem if you have an idiot as a brush.

Ah yes. You see this is the problem. I managed to find a semi articulate brush, therefore my doodles aren’t too incomprehensible. Sort of.

Feel like this is what could be holding you back?
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Happy Halloween!

Well, Halloween is upon us. And my my, this year has been extra scary.

We know that over the pond in the US this is a well celebrated holiday, and here in England it is most certainly becoming more popular.
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Chugger Charlie and Wuss ‘n Boots


Yes my friends, that is what was left etched upon my memory after reading the Chugger Charlie story. And so, perhaps inevitably, this particular detail seems to return when Charlie encounters my boys.
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A big hello to Maya…

So, well done to my sister Hazel and her husband Adam. They called Mr. Stork (yes, that is what happened, there is no way my sister could have a baby in any other way, all right?!)
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