A big hello to Maya…

So, well done to my sister Hazel and her husband Adam. They called Mr. Stork (yes, that is what happened, there is no way my sister could have a baby in any other way, all right?!) and nine months (and two days late), Maya Glassford arrived. And she is a little beauty.

Though don’t worry, in reality she is an actual human, not a cat. Or that would be odd.

Wuss and Boots are bristling with double uncle proudness, and it’s pretty fair to say she will have a large collection of their work adorning her life as she grows up. And, I confess, I am also a very proud auntie.

Who knew, eh – that this heartless, tattooed semi-rebel (hardly a rebel) who is literally scared of children would love this little thing so much. Mental.

She does have the funniest wail, though – sounds like several cats being tortured at once. Brilliant!

7 thoughts on “A big hello to Maya…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cheers all! The new mummy and daddy are very happy,and Ruthie is looking forward to her position as corrupting cool auntie…

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