Chugger Charlie and Wuss ‘n Boots


Yes my friends, that is what was left etched upon my memory after reading the Chugger Charlie story. And so, perhaps inevitably, this particular detail seems to return when Charlie encounters my boys.

And my word, don’t they react with such British decorum.

Basically, it is not outrage at one licking ones bits in public, no no, this is not what offends one so. It is the carrying out of the licking during a civilised conversation, terribly rude so I’ve heard.

And so here you are Shawna, Charlie with Wuss and Boots; an insight into the polite and acceptable ways one licks ones testicles.

6 thoughts on “Chugger Charlie and Wuss ‘n Boots

  1. Thornton Sully says:

    So Shawna, Ruthie…There you have it. I just wanted to tell you tha…wait just a minute…a bit of distraction here. I’ll get back to once I’ve got it licked…

    …I just wanted to tell you that Shawna and her husband came to our bbq for Jonathan Freedman yesterday, and contributed half her $100 prize money to stock the table with munchies for the event. It was a delight to let her take home The Cat Ass Trophy. Let’s see if Charlie agrees.

  2. FJDagg says:

    “Dismissed!” That’s hilarious, Ruthie–excellent call.

    And, yes, thanks to Shawna, for her most gracious and generous contribution to the J. Freedman event at HQ Saturday.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Licking yourself in public AND interrupting someone! Bad kitty!

    I love how Wuss n’ Boots stand there and debate about the conversation getting interrupted versus what Charlie is…attending to. Natural thing for them to do as well, I suppose.

    And the only thing I’d like to be licking right now are my lips when I get the coffee going…

    *passes out asleep at laptop she had to steal back from her older brother’s room*

  4. Shawna A. Smart says:

    Thank you so much Ruth. Knowing that Charlie is preserved in a work of art will bring a smile to my lips the rest of my days.

    Thorton and company, thank you for inviting me to attend your wonderful event. I loved the feel of the place, and wish it was a little closer to my own turf. The people were lovely to talk to, the encouragement flowed as well as the wine and laughter. I am enriched by the entire experience in many important ways and I extend my deepest thanks to all of you for making me feel so welcome.I am sorry it took me a bit to respond, I have been recovering from my vacation, which was another enriching experience, though an exhausting one. Your all a part of something special.I look forward to attending some function in the near future and to enjoy the ambient pleasures of a writers’ sanctuary. If you haven’t yet visited the brick and mortar version of this website your missing out on something really special.Shawna

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