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The Run for the Roses begins: Elijah Fang breaks from the starting gate!

Good Morning, oh love-thorn–oops!– love-lorn Literati! Our first entry into our contest for 2014 “A Dozen Roses from a Single Thorn” could charm the plants of a horticulturalist with this sweet tale that…well…Here is what the author sent along with his story: “Thorn, Attached is a love letter entwining Valentines and Halloween (Valloween?), mindless barroom […]

Be of good cheer-leader! And $100 gift certificate

Does it bother you that a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader makes more money than most authors?  Oh! Wait!  Flawed example!   Does it bother you that anybody on the third string of The Dallas Cowboys makes more money than you do as a writer? Fight Back!!! We have a very specific and important assignment for you to […]