Be of good cheer-leader! And $100 gift certificate

Does it bother you that a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader makes more money than most authors?  Oh! Wait!  Flawed example!   Does it bother you that anybody on the third string of The Dallas Cowboys makes more money than you do as a writer?

Fight Back!!!

We have a very specific and important assignment for you to help keep this site on line forever. Score a literary touchdown!

If you google writers’ groups in any city, dozens of options come up.  There is generally a contact person with an email address.

Will you contact three writer’s groups or poetry groups in your vicinity, and paraphrase or copy the letter below? You might personalize it by introducing yourself as a writer who stumbled upon our website and declare it was the best text you’ve ever had!

The letter:

(your personal introduction, then)
A Word with You Press is an established publishing house always looking for a way to have fun on the internet and meet and inspire new writers.  They do this with regular contests with unusual prompts and sometime even more unusual prizes. (although their last contest prize was a straight and simple $500)

They have come up with a great contest for Valentine’s Day. Jerry Rubin once wrote that the word “love” had lost all value because “Cars love Shell.” Help us give the word meaning and passion once more. Write a love story between four and five hundred words, and somewhere in your story use the phrase: “but it was only a rumor.” Poetry up to 300 words also accepted. Entries must be received by February 1o.
Prizes for the winner and runner-ups.

It’s a great chance for writer’s in your group to hone their skills, write to a deadline within certain parameters, get their work published on line, and get valuable feedback not just from the editorial staff but from other writers who regularly enter A Word with You Press contests.

Here is a link to the site and contest:

Will you help our on-line community grow by passing this email and link along to those in your own writing group?

Please do pass this on, and share it with all manner of social media.

And a happy Valentine’s Day to you!


I sooo-o-o-o-o need your help with this. Our success depends on enough people coming to our website that the small fraction that buy our books, use our services and attend our paid events sustains us. This year, in addition to publishing books, we will begin marketing and distribution of our imprints as well as others.

Our store will be filled and the doors open on February tenth, offering books, mugs, T-shirts, workshops, events, and publishing and editorial services. As a little incentive to help, we (moi, actually) will give a $100 credit to anything in our store to ye among thee who posts the most invitations to writers groups (minimum five). Just send us a blind cc of whom you invite and we will do the tally here.

I am running low on Sangria and Sumatra. Please help!




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