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Hello my fellow thespians–OH!  WAIT!! Wrong group!  Hello Literati

As many of you know, I am in Prague, where I am putting my formal education on the right hand side of 60 instead of the left hand side of 24.  Full time at Karlova University, Europe’ oldest–only appropriate as I am the oldest student in all my classes.

Just dropping this note to say I have been watching from afar, and am so very pleased to see how well Stefanie has managed without me…I keep waiting for her to screw up so when I return and nudge my way back behind the wheel I will be appreciated.  But honestly, she has done an amazing job.  Thanks, Stef

I will be back in the ‘Cow (that’s Moscow, to the uninitiated) in July, but first a stop in SoCal for our annual writer’s get together at Rancho Villasenor in June.  In the meantime, I will begin posting writerly things about my adventures.  You can get some idea if you czech out my new FB page Positively Prague:

For all my armchair travelers, here is a venue for your next writer’s retreat (which is an oxymoron, since what you really do is advance your works-in-progress rather than retreat from it.)  I just spent three glorious days there, having met the proprietors in a cave in Prague at a poetry reading a-la-50s Greenwich Village.

Bye for now…out to get a cuppa kafka–OOPS!  I mean KAVA! (is it too early for hot wine?)

Love to all




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  1. Stefanie Allison says:


    Thank you Thorn for letting us know you’re doing well and I’m glad you’re having a ball with your classes <3 Now please don't mind all that paperwork on my desk detailing every step in my plan to take over the world via the AWWYP website *shifty eyes*

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