A Twisted Tale!


Julie Mark Cohen has brought us magic and just a hint of danger…and LOTS of stomach rumbling (or maybe that’s because it’s been several hours since I’ve eaten. Hmm.)!

BEFORE you begin this story: PLEASE click this link and read this article to help aid you along with the story: Romanian Witches

Reddit yet? Gettit? HAH! Ok, if you HAVEN’T just go up there and read it…if you don’t then you’ll turn into a frog! Muwahahaha! Without further ado, we present:

The First Romanian Witch

You’re beautiful if I have to say so myself, Mumă Pădurii, the young woman thought, sashaying back-and-forth in front of a full-length mirror, alternately lifting one side of her vividly-embroidered long skirt and then the other. She released her skirt, spread out her arms reaching upward, and looked out the window. Mother of the Forest. Guardian of trees.

She flitted across the room, clinking her gold bangles, stepping on rugs of gold yarn, brushing against gold tinsel-trimmed grand-armed chairs, rushing by gold-framed paintings, passing underneath gold-foiled crown molding. She paused for a beat to straighten her gold coin-dangling gold crown and resettle her flowing silver-touched brunette hair.

I’m getting hungry. She peered into the kitchen. I’m tasting meat, young meat. As she walked into the kitchen, her thoughts returned to the previous night’s dinner. Ha ha! They say that I eat children alive and particularly enjoy illegitimate children. That boiled meat was tasty, but I need to work on that cast iron kettle to remove the cooked in fat and gristle. Tonight, it’s broiled meat.

She entered the kitchen. I just don’t want to cook tonight. She carefully rolled her sleeves above her elbows, removed a full-length apron from a hook and ever so slowly placed it over her clothes. Oh my! Are those children I hear passing by? No. I couldn’t possibly… She pitter-pattered toward the oven, but passed it to take the telephone receiver out of its cradle.

“Yes. That’s correct. Two grilled veal platters with two servings of Tocana Decartofi. Yes, two meals. Your food makes excellent leftovers, especially for someone who doesn’t like to cook.” She paced. “Yes. Please use my credit card on file.” She twirled the phone cord around her gold-ring-clad fingers, winding, unwinding. “Ninety minutes tonight? That’s unusual, but just fine.”

Hmmm… While I’m waiting, I should get ready for tomorrow afternoon’s class. I will always be the first and the best witch… well, the only witch. These women have no clue. She tossed her apron onto the kitchen’s large wooden island, then trotted into her study and printed two dozen copies of the next day’s lesson. I can’t deny these women the means to earn a living.

Minutes later, she stood at her back door. She grabbed what others called her “magic twig,” but she knew its real function. As she squeezed her fingers, she felt the pangs of old age setting in. Her knuckles became riddled with arthritis. Her hair turned white and dry. Her facial and other skin turned into tree bark. With effort, she hobbled into her backyard, using the twig as a cane.

She appreciated the camouflage. She loved basking in the moonlight, picking herbs, breathing unfettered. This is much better, than being… She turned toward the sound of a lone wolf howling toward the full moon. Here, I can finally take care of myself. Am I duping Terran women? I think not. They, too, now have an avocation, albeit a fake one. Great to be on Earth as a shape-shifter.

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Twist me, turn me…

6 thoughts on “A Twisted Tale!

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Story after story, as published on AWWYP, from my predecessors’ memories and this reading on my own, I appreciate your sci-fy, witty imagination and in this case, mixed genre, paranormal humor which you employ to animate your characters, their lives and environment.

    The Lady Pafia

  2. Diane Cresswell says:

    Okay I finally get the chance to read this – cataract surgery went well and I can now READ again!!! Julie this is spectacular!!!! Wow you’ve been hiding another facet of yourself and I really really really like this one and your writing!!! Great descriptions, magic flowing everywhere, little trails of visions popping off into “what if” category – all in all – a fantabulous walk through the land of superstition and magic.

    • Parisianne Modert says:

      Dear Diane,

      I wish you continued healings with blessings of ever better sight over time. This is magical & joyful news.

      The Lady Pafia

  3. Bob says:

    This is fascinating and intriguing. I’m glad the link to the article on Romanian witches is included. The author did a very good job of including ideas from the history of Romanian folklore witches in a fictional context. The story stands on its own, but the background is very helpful.

  4. Michael Stang says:

    Julie, I missed this, sorry.
    Your lifting ways of writing, stark and intelligent, always make me run with you. Here you have taken us to the edge of the cliff. I am so grateful for your talent.

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