Gravitas on Tap








by Tiffany Vakilian



By missing you I learn

The tactile visage of love

One that is first

Then I am a student


If by holding you for a few

Too few

Sickening short moments

In my hand

I see life and appreciate

The finality

Of life’s end

Then I am here

A book

Writing and written


If by recreating


I seem in some small way

To have forgotten

The feel of you

Reaching out for me

I cannot budge from

Penitent prayers for forgiveness


Because I have not

I have gone forward

Feeling the perfection

Of one’s most intimate conversation

I have gone forward

Looking to see you again

Holding the hope

Of hearing your stilled

Small voice


I have gone forward

Red, then blue, then multifaceted colors

Owning this

Spear of teardrop truth

You were my first love



12 thoughts on “Gravitas on Tap

  1. Diane Cresswell says:

    Tiffany this is absolutely beautiful. I can feel, and that says a lot, of the emotion within the words. Love this.

  2. Miryam says:

    Retreating back, or moving forward. Both choices are imensly orchestrated and part of our healing. You shared a powerful season of life Tiffany… Thank you for laying it out there….

  3. Laura G says:

    Love how this poem is “spear of teardrop truth” about how we are all “students” of love, and can triumph by embracing memories and transforming them to art and writing (“Recreating and creating;” “multifaceted colors;” “I am a book…writing and written.” This poem has a lovely echo. The repetition is like waves and heartbeats, and is cyclical, like love itself.

  4. Tiffany V says:

    Just saw these comments. Thank you for your constructive critiques and compliments! Sal, Miryam, Diane, Michael, Monica… you guys know how awesome it feels to impress your friends even on a small level. You’ve made my *Satur-DAY!

  5. Kyle Katz says:

    “Looking to see you again.” That small voice that penetrates takes on its own form… forever heard. Outstanding!

  6. Thornton Sully says:

    I FINALLY get around to leaving a comment. As most of you know, Tiffany helps keep things running at the Towers, even from a distance. OH! Have I taken her for granted! And neglected to notice what a fine talent she has. This poem is magnificent. I just placed an order to have sent to you the only book of poetry that ever moved me, by William Benton: “This is my Beloved.” Your poetry is of equal caliber.

  7. Tiffany Vakilian says:

    Thank you all. I take a great bit of honey, I mean pleasure in handing Thorn his daily dose of the ‘tas… not really. He’s got an I’VE drip at the Towers. Don’t tell. I’m looking forward to having the time to fully engage the comments as I used to. Please forgive my sparse check ins…

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