Critical Mass

(Question: Will the new pope reverse the church’s stance on birth control?  Answer: That’s inconceivable…don’t be poposteros!)



I realize the restless are getting native.  I have not posted a new story in well over a week.  I have at least 15 stories yet to be posted, and others coming in daily as our deadline approaches death (Thanksgiving Day).

We are reaching critical mass. But the facts of life are these:  at my compost–oops!–outpost in the double entundra of Moscow, I am the only one posting your stories.  The day job saps most of my energy leaving little at the end of the day to post your efforts. I had hoped to catch up over this past weekend, but I/we are experiencing technical difficulties with wordpress and the new format in which microsoft is sending and receiving your attachments. It appears the bugs have been worked out and I can resume posting.  But caffeine only gets you so far…

So, barring some breakthrough, the next postings will take place this coming weekend, and a marathon it shall be!  Check the post in between bowel–oops!–bowl games and Macy’s Day Parades. All stories will be posted, but will have little hang-time.  After all the stories have been posted, I will announce the six finalists, on the anniversary of the day that shall live in infamy.

Think you might be a finalist?  Here is the tease:  I am submitting for your consideration what the prompt will be for the lucky six who still have a chance at $500.  The prompt for the finalists is as follows, to be completed in 250 words or less:

“…but by then, it was too late.”

We will have some surprises in the in the finals; remember, three are chosen according to my (questionable though professional tastes) and three will be chosen at random.

Lots of stories still to be posted. Come gel or lye water, the winner will be announced on December 15th, and a cashier’s check or Paypal sent to the winner that very day, in time for Kwanza or Christmas shopping (I need a pair of bedroom slippers–that would be women of my favorite gender who slip into my bedroom…oh, and I wanna big screen tv).

Stories submitted so far have been, as you know, spectacular, and I have a backlog still to post. I will try to post some tomorrow evening from the towers that are A Word with You Press in sunny downtown Moscow, but if the drugs have not yet kicked in it may be Thanksgiving day before the mara-thorn begins.

Not yet submitted a story? There is time. I swear, it’s not too late.  Read the parameters on the home page, and if you agree to name your first born child after me I will certainly include you in the contest and post all stories received by the time the Macy’s Day Parade lets the air out of Bart Simpson.

And I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Cheers my dears!



8 thoughts on “Critical Mass

  1. KYLE Katz says:

    You need bedroom slippers? How about a pair of heat insulated “Sassy Boots” for the snow? Have a great Thanksgiving Thorn.

  2. barbkeeling says:

    I hope this is a good spot to place my thank you to you all for kindness-ness in reading my pitter patters from this ‘old soul. For me it was a big adventure to stick my neck out in this great play ground of outstanding-ness-ness. Happy Holiday to all, do lotsa’ hugs and over eat. What joy.

    • Thorn says:

      Thanks Barb for adding your youthful enthusiasm to our site. And when you plunge your dagger, Brutus-like, into the dead bird on Sunday, remember the words of the bard “Lambition should be made of sterner stuffing” Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Hope you get a chance to cran your berries.

  3. Tiffany Monique says:

    I’m SOOOO Thankful for the Thornanator – and not just because he let me cook for him at the O’side Towers! As proof of my AWwYP love, I (and a few others) have made it a point to read and comment on EVERY SINGLE CONTEST submission. It’s been a wild ride, and so worth the cups of caffeinated libations needed! Thorn, you are awesome, and we miss you over here by the Pacific Ocean… keep the posts coming!

    • Thorn says:

      Thanks Tiffany…but that’s “Thornicator” to you! As in “Thorn, I cater to your every need!” (Hey, what’s fiction without friction? )

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