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Tiffany Monique skips to Mylu, my darling!

Woman Falling

We have posted the second chapters of Michael Dilts, Wendy Joseph, Robert Marazas and Parisiane Modert.  All who remains is Laura Girardeau, but before we post her final entry, we (moi, actually) would like to share a chapter from our own Tiffany Monique, who was ineligible to compete because, well, I said so (It’s good to be king).

Tiffany Monique has found her prince, Once Upon a Time

          Good evening from the Towers  that were once a scant 30 miles from this very cove, before relocating to the land of the double-entundra, Moscow, Idaho! We have a few more entries to post; after this, I believe one from Parisianne Modert, Barbara Keeling still remain. If you have not seen your story posted, please […]