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A wing and a Prayer–Wing Nuts continues

Do visit the Break Water Brewery if you are ever in the ‘Side.  Here is their menu and events page: http://www.breakwaterbrewing.com/  (Hope Tim gives me a free beer for this!) AAhhhhh Literati! Stefanie Allison has sent me her second entry for our contest, Wing Nuts, to make up for the affront most likely that her […]

Sal Buttaci walks into a bar…our latest contest entry

Seen here are Peggy Dobbs, Gary, Derek and Thorn.  We drank Sal  under the table Oh libation-laden Literati! Sal Buttacuci has staggered into our contest, Wingnuts. I always thought St. Pauli was the mafia guy that got rubbed out in the Sopranos, but apparently not.              Instead, she’s part of […]