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Mac Eagan’s Bent and Jerry-rigged entry: You are what you Eat!

Literati! Mac Eagan went off reservation last night to visit his three friends who have been in our playground before: Barry, Harry, Jerry. Here is their latest misadventure. Once you get pasta this one, there are three more finalist entries to be posted, and then you can vote for your favorite.

Mac Egan, Den mother, gets into the swing of things

Literati! Mac Eagan has returned to our site, with a great story but insists he does not want this entered as a competitor, just a guy with a story to tell. Fair enough. We use these opportunities disguised as contests, to improve our writing skills, connect with fellow writers, and get both professional and peer review. But I can’t resist saying it: Mac is Back!

Mac Eagan beats old people with a buzzard..

(Here the reclusive Mac Eagan discusses the pranks he played in the nursing home) Oops!  I meant   BUZZER! Literati!  I think what he meant is he is trying to beat the odd couple–oops!–I mean beat the odds!  Ya get three chances to win $500 by submitting up to three entries in our contest, but […]

Mac Eagan

(Mac Eagan appears here with Gary Clark and Michael Stang in “Stand Up Guise”) Good evening from the towers that are A Word with You Press near Friendship Square in Moscow.  Just getting ready to turn out the lights and head home when there is a knock on my computer.  And who could it be?  […]