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David Wogahn was good enough to speak at our Sixth Annual  Writers and Creatives Reunion in Oceanside this June, offering sage, experienced advice to those who have a work in progress or completed and, now that the easy part is done(!) are considering self publishing, which means also: SELF PROMOTING.

David has authored several books to help demystify ebook publications, and he just sent me this letter, which I am passing on to you now:

“Hello Thorn,
As a reminder, My Publishing Imprint goes live this Friday. I know several of you have already downloaded a copy from BookFunnel; thank you. (If not, let me know and I’ll resend it.)

“As a reminder, I’m offering everyone on our team an Amazon gift card to buy the book from Amazon once it’s live so your review will be a verified purchase. Of course this is an unconditional offer–I can’t require a review nor can I require it to be positive. The paperback will be $7.95 and the eBook (for now) is 99 cents. Either way, I’ll send you an even $10 and you make the choice. (This is optional so just click reply if you want the $10 gift card.)

“I’d like to share a motivation for writing such a niche book.

“In 2007, Amazon issued just 6% of all ISBNs used by small publishers. Most (73%) were used by vanity presses such as Outskirts, Lulu, AuthorHouse, Balboa, etc.

“As of 2017, Amazon was issuing 85% of all ISBNs used by small publishers! I was shocked and even double-checked my math (the numbers come directly from Bowker and are print only–we all know Bowkers eBook ISBN numbers are meaningless).

“My goal for My Publishing Imprint is to educate self-publishers before they launch their book. Do you know a new author this book can help? I’d be happy to gift your friend a Kindle copy (the $10 gift card is launch team only).

Thanks for reading,

David Wogahn

PS: here is a link to the eBook. The paperback will be live on or about 8/16.


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