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Here’s your chance to see how handsome I’ve become now that I’ve reached puberty, and dropped from 218 pounds to the fighting weight of 165!  Oh…and also your chance to become a better writer!  I know stuff!  I want YOU to know it, too.  The webinar is free, but it is open ONLY to members of InterNations. Basic membership is free.  Go to
I joined when I first came to Prague and started relationships that are still going strong.  They have satellites in 420 locations around the globe and host multiple events ranging from yoga classes, wine tasting, mountain biking to…events such as mine!
Here’s the details for those of you who want to mind-meld:

Tue 26 Oct 18:00 – 19:30 Prague time! Czech out your own time zone.

We will add a link to the Zoom meeting one hour before the event starts.

Here’s the announcement as it appears in InterNation’s Global Language and Storytelling Group.  Make sure you join that group once you’ve signed up on InterNations:
Is your half-written novel or short story dry kindling wood, longing to become a flame? Thornton Sully, author of “Fire in the Belly, How to write your novel with Purpose and Passion,” will share stories of three incendiary authors who struck a match. Come sit by the campfire. Bring your muse and we’ll toss your writer’s block into the flames.

As Ernest Hemingway would say: “It’s none of their business you had to learn how to write. Let them think you were born that way.” If you weren’t born that way, this webinar is for you.

Sully is an award-winning developmental editor and the creative mastermind behind “A Word with You Press” and its worldwide community of writers, as well as the Positively Prague! Facebook group. Now in the Czech Republic, he has slept with whatever country would have him, picking up stray stories along the way, and coached a wide range of talent, including a Pulitzer Prize winner, a recipient of the Isabel Allende Miraposa Award for new fiction, and a Best Poetry Award laureate from the San Diego Writer’s Awards. You can find more about him at:

The Editor-in-Chief of A Word with You Press invites you to be brilliant. You table is waiting…

The foyer to Editor-in-Chief’s winter residence,

(Cyberspace gremlins sabotaged our first attempt at this webinar a month ago with technical mischief. They have been heavily drugged and won’t interfere this time.)

Ben Angel & Laura-Elena Doltu

Activity hosts
Please do attend, and don’t forget that time is running out to submit your entry into the A Word with You Press Literary Award for Excellence:  a thou$sand reasons to Write. Find details on our home page to win $1,000

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  1. Kristine Rose Grant says:

    Hi Thorn,
    Looking handsome as ever … Is the writer’s contest still on? I thought we had until the end of the month to send in our entry. Please let me know. Looking forward to seeing you on 10/26…
    Kristine …. Oops! I mean Tina Rose
    Check out my album:

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