You Don’t Need a Visa to Visit Germany

Rochelle Germany..yes, that is her real last name…no she is not German, has always dreamed of being a nerd. As a child she purposely failed vision tests in unsuccessful attempt to be prescribed glasses. She wasted rolls of aluminum foil making home made braces and still, much to her chagrin, became a jock (nurture over nature). Now that she has hung up her sneakers, Rochelle can concentrate on achieving her life long dream of becoming a cooler version of Steve Urkel. This means reading, writing and more reading.

Since being adopted by the AWwYP crew, possibly to meet all diversity requirements (she is an Affirmative Action tri-fecta), Rochelle has found a legitimate way to do all three. Rochelle is acting content editor of AWwYP. If you have something that you want to see on the site, she will gladly delegate the task of having your ideas incorporated (only if they vibe with what we are trying to do here). From time to time she may say something clever, but for the most part, she will let everyone else do the intellectual heavy lifting on this site so that she can focus her efforts on Thorn’s altruistic brain child – Kid Expression. I know what you’re thinking but don’t worry Thorn brings out his virtuous alter ego when children are present.

Rochelle is a wife, mother, part superhero, more parts villain and has recently finished her first novel “Eternity’s Ending”.

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3 thoughts on “You Don’t Need a Visa to Visit Germany

  1. Glclark says:

     Glad you’re here and welcome. Tell Thorn I said you can use my corner, penthouse office on the twenty fifth floor (overlooking the ocean) of AWwYP tower until I get out there next spring.

  2. Mike_stang says:

    Welcome to the show, Rochelle.  The rest of this year will get interesting at the towers I am sure.  The very best to you.   Can you direct me to where I can buy a copy of  “Eternity’s Ending” ?

  3. Mac Eagan says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood, Rochelle.  Don’t spend too much time hiding out in the back office working hard – come out and play with us sometime!

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