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Hi friends and Literati!

Our finalists have all been posted, and it’s time to vote! So far we’ve got a three-way tie, and although I am not necessarily averse to a three-way, the dilenema can be diffused if everyone who entered the contest will simply vote for their fav.  All votes must be received by Friday, NOON Moscow time. So go ahead and hang your chad, and send it to

Trump? Hillary? Bernie? Cruz, Sully?

Nope, easier choices than that:

Sloane, Girardeau, Laurence, Tobias, Perez, Martin.  Find their stories on line, PLEASE leave some comments for each author, and then send me your choice for the Kindle, the title, and the mystery trophy. Vote only on their finalist piece, not the stories that got them their.  Finalists: it’s ok to vote for yourself!

Everyone who entered the contest gets one vote for each entry they submitted. In case of a tie, the winner will selected by the entire Moscow staff (that would be moi)

I will tally the votes by the weekend and announce the winner, and a new contest.

Thank you all for making this contest so much fun!

Look also for a survey in our next newsletter in which we take in your ideas about how to make this playground the place you most wanna be, when you’re not out stumping for your fav presidential candidate.

cheers!  PLEASE VOTE!

love to all

his thorniness in chief

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