Write to Be Read: The Emperor and the Spy (David Jenkins)

Literati! Let’s keep up the party!

The Emperor and the Spy is a real life spy story that unfolded in the turmoil of World War II–and the man who reached across the James Bond–OOPS!–pond to try and stop the war from escalating. Here, David Jenkins has offered his vodka martini–OOPS AGAIN!–two cents on this real life thriller:

Stan Katz has written about a gifted man in Sidney Mashbir. Katz filled in blanks with fictional accounts of his relationship with powerful men and women before, during and after the finish of World WarII to create a fast-paced novel.
Katz captured the essence of Mashbir and his value to our country through his friendship with Japanese women and men who preferred peace to war, including Emperor Hirohito. General MacArthur followed Mashbir’s counsel during and after the war as he applied his wide knowledge of Japanese language, culture and their love of Hirohito to prevent the humiliation of the defeated Japanese people and create a constitutional democracy. The Spy and the Emperor is loaded with adventure. It has plenty of humor, frustration and romance (including a hilarious encounter with Hedy Lamarr).

That’s HEDLEY Lamar!!! Sorry, I guess my manners fell out of their blazing saddles.

Thank you so much David for your contribution! Remember, if you are interested in being a reader for Write to Be Read, please contact thorn@awordwithyoupress.com! Stay tuned for next time!!!

“This is 1874! You can sue HER!”

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