Woya Machae Spoons Us Up a Story! Entry #29


A spoonful of sugar may make the medicine go down (in the most delightful way!), but even spoons can be blue. Woya Machae proves that while bigotry can cross-species’ lines, so can compassion. This sounds like a tale a little child can relate to, but it’s something anyone of any age can learn from. Please enjoy,

The Adventures of Suzy Spoon in Spoonerville

by Woya Machae

Little Suzy is in her room getting ready to go to school. Little Suzy does not know if she should tell her mother about being bullied at school. Little Suzy comes downstairs and sits down at the kitchen table. Little Suzy stares out into space.

“Good morning, precious. How is my Little Teaspooner doing today?”

“Good morning, Mama. Please do not call me little Teaspooner anymore.”

“Why? You used to like being called my Little Teaspooner what happened?

“I just do not want to be called little anymore that’s all!”

“Suzy, honey, is everything okay at school?” Mama spoon asks.

“Everything is fine. I just do not want to be called little anymore that’s all. Mama will I be small forever?”

“Why do you want to know?” Mama Spoon asked

“I just want to know if I will get bigger or will I stay small forever?”

“What is wrong with being small?” Mama Spoon asked.

“I do not like being small I want to get bigger!”

“My precious one you are a Tea Spoon. There will be parts of you that will get bigger and some parts will remain small.”

“Why Mama? I do not want to be small anymore I want to be big!”

“What’s wrong with being small?” Mama spoon asks.

“Everything!” Little Suzy says in a frustrated tone “When you are small people call you names.”

“Suzy what’s going on is there something you want to tell me?”

Little Suzy looks into her mother’s eyes and a tear started rolling down her steel little cheek and says, “Mama there are these mean Table Spoon girls that make fun of me and my friends every day. They say things like look at the baby spoons and the babies need their diapers changed, then they make crying sounds like a little baby and then they laugh at us. Mama I do not know what to do!”

“Have you told your teacher what is going on?”

“No Mama, if I tell my teacher then they will make fun of me even more.”

“Precious one, let’s eat breakfast and talk more about it okay?”

“I am hungry,” Little Suzy’s stomach growls.

“I am so proud of you for getting an A on your spelling test that I bought something special for you.”

“What is it, Mama? Is it in that box?” little Suzie says with excitement in her voice.

“Yes, this special treat is inside the box.”

“Okay Mama, let me see, let me see.”

Mama Spoon opens the box real slow then Mama Spoon opens the box completely. Little Suzy’s eyes opened wide.

“Cinna Whirls my favorite!”

“It is Cinna Swirls, my love, yeah that is what I said Cinna Whirls.”

Mama Spoon laughs softly. Mama Spoon notices that there is one small Cinna Swirl among all the big ones. Mama Spoon picks up the small Cinna Swirl and hands it to little Suzy.

“This one is special just like you,” handing little Suzy the small Cinna Swirl.

“Mama, I want one of the big ones.”

Mama Spoon says, “This small Cinna Swirl tastes just as yummy as the big ones do.

Little Suzy says sounding confused, “How can it taste the same it is so small?”

“Look at the icing on the small Cinna Swirl. Now look at the icing on the big Cinna Swirl. Do you see any difference?”

“Yes, mama there is more icing on the small one.”

“That is what makes the small one so special. Now smell your Cinna Swirl now smell mine do they smell different no mama they smell the same. Now take a bite of my Cinna Swirl now take a bite of your Cinna Swirl do they taste the same?”

“Yes, Mama, they taste the same.”

“Now, look at the center of your Cinna Swirl. Now look at the center of my Cinna Swirl. Are they the same?”

“Yes, Mama, they are the same.”

“Now do you see your glass? Then look at mine. Are both glasses the same color?”

“Yes, Mama, they are both the same color.”

Mama Spoon looks at the clock and says, “Okay, precious one, finish your milk and then it is time to go to school.”

“Okay, Mama, I am so confused what does all of this mean?”

“What do you think it means?”

“Well, I think it means that no matter your size or color that we are all the same and each size has something special.”

“That’s my girl. You are so smart.”

“Thank You Mama. I learned that no matter your size or color that we are the same.”

“That’s right precious, we are all the same.”

“And mama I am going to tell my teacher about those mean table spoons who make fun of me and my friends because calling people names is mean.”

“That’s right calling people names is mean.”

“Mama, I am a little scared about telling my teacher.”

“My precious one, I was scared about telling my teacher, too.”

“What happened, Mama?”

“We are late, I will tell you that story later.”

“We have to Mama. You are the most beautiful Tea Spoon in all of Spoonerville and I wuv you!”

“I love you, too. Okay grab your backpack; we got to hurry or you will be late.”

(Suzy and her mother arrive at Suzy’s school. Suzy opens the car door.)



“I wuv you!”

“I love you too, my little Tea.”

“Mama, it is okay to call me your little Tea Spooner, being small is what makes me special.”

(A tear rolls down Mama spoon steel cheek).

“Have a good day at school my little Tea Spooner.”

Little Suzy smiles at her mother and closes the door. Mama spoon watches Suzy as she walks towards the school doors little Suzy turns around and waves at her mother Mama spoon waves back at little Suzy, dries her tear and drives away.

*    *    *    *

SYNOPSIS OF The Adventures of Suzy Spoon in Spoonerville

Little Suzy Spoon, who is a little teaspoon, and her teaspoon friends, are being teased and bullied by some big table spoon girls at her elementary school in Spoonerville for being a small teaspoon. With a special treat of Cinna Swirls, and through a conversation with Mama Spoon, she learns a valuable lesson about how special she is as a small teaspoon. Although she is afraid of the girls, Suzy Spoon decides she will tell her teacher about the bullying because it’s mean, and accepts and embraces her being small.

(AKA Michelle Norby)

Woya started writing in elementary school and wanted to be a journalist. She stopped writing until she attended community college for the theater arts. She wrote a piece called, “The Grass is Greener on the Other Side,” while attending community college. She again put her writing on hold until 15 years ago, when she started writing stage plays and short stories. This is her first attempt at a children’s book. She has decided to use Woya Machae as her pen name, which means dove and dawn, to embrace her Cherokee Native American background.

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