Wish I didn’t know know what I didn’t know then: Tara Valentina enters our contest

(I am not quite sure that this is the KISS that Tara Valentina had in mind. If only I knew)

Literati! The snow continues to fall here at the towers that are A Word with You Press in Moscow. I have given the maid the day off so I won’t be distracted from my tasks of posting the final contest entries for A Dozen Roses from a Single Thorn: A Valentine’s Day Love Story.

Here is a poem from my friend in Southern California, Tara Valentina.  OOOOoooh!  How sad when love enters the past tense…if you get the poignant.  Let’s hope the object of her desires comes to his senses! We’re pulling for you, Tara!

Here is

If Only I knew

by Tara Valentina


If only I knew that it would be the last time I would see you …

I would have memorized

Your smile…

If only I knew  that it would be the last

Chance to feel our lips

So close together


That the caress of your breath

And mine would dissipate

Into the nights sky…

Like two passionate stars that

Turn to dust….


And disappear into the  darkness


If only I knew you were about to vanish

Taking my hopes and dreams

That you said would be mine

For all times…


I would have captured it …not only in my memory

But locked it away in my heart


If I only knew


I would have …from the start


loved you differently

Especially in those last

Few moments ….


I Would have held you longer

In an embrace that could only

Make the closeness of our bodies

warm our hearts for many days to come….


Could it be that is was…


But a rumor …..that you would


Not return…


Not knowing that when you disappeared behind those doors

That you would take away

Not only your body

But the love and caring

You filled me with

In those incredible days and nights

We had just spent

With each other ….


And now….

Not even leaving a trace…


I wanted our lips to touch just one

More  time


I wanted to hear those words from you  again

That you wanted to be mine…


You  begged my forgiveness

And I believed you

That you were sorry

You had broken my heart…


You wanted to make it up to me

And that we would never again

Be apart….


You said you wanted to

Bring back the joy to my life


You would reel me in one more time…..


You said in the future we would together have a place

Forever  in your arms


I have

Succumbed to all your charms


If only I knew that together

we could create so much bliss…

And then you would be gone

And how much I would miss…


I would not have shown up

for our first kiss…


If only I  knew

that the color of my



Would turn out to

be so blue…


If only I knew

That I would never

Again …


Share my love

With you……



8 thoughts on “Wish I didn’t know know what I didn’t know then: Tara Valentina enters our contest

  1. Laura Girardeau says:

    Valentina, You have shared what is sadly probably a universal experience. Wishing we had taken snapshots of each moment, lived them to the fullest or loved even more deeply, been more grateful. Your words and experience are joyful and tragic.

    Remember that the person who left has responsibility to treat you the same way, to care so much about these moments with you too…and even to NOT make it a last moment if at all possible. Sometimes they reel us back in, knowing how pure our hearts are, how forgiving, but we need those who can give the same back. I hope that writing this poem helped turn a painful experience into art, into metaphor and thus will lead you on the road to healing.

  2. Parisianne Modert says:

    Love the poem and the variant levels of meter which all worked, but shifted the emotions nicely. Thank you.

    • Parisianne Modert says:

      Second reading and more of the ideas have come through beautifully. I am left lingering over the passing through doors which can be a symbol of many intentions and purposes. Again thank you for such an intimate and engaging poem.

  3. Michael Stang says:

    Such direction for such this loss is captured perfect in the emotion that surounds this poem. There is an artistic touch to the cadence: here and there and gone again.
    great job.

  4. Kristine Rose Grant says:

    I see this not so much as a loss but an awakening…or at least the possibility for being more aware. The key here is to not give ourselves away…mesmerized by charm, but to find resolution in growing through life’s awful whamies….or unexpected disappointments. recalling the sensual side, the kiss, the holding, the longing…without real substance, integrity, or character can damage the pure heart… Thank you for this beautifully written poem…what was the title?….”Players Rule”

  5. KYLE Katz says:

    A universal expression of love found,love promised, love lost. The emotions brought forth like natures path, a change of seasons, A perfect tribute to love, and how we learn to sit in those memories that through passing time can only strengthen us and sometimes makes us smile and love again. Loved this!

  6. Stars Fall On My Heart says:

    You always hope when the one you love leaves that there is hope that they will come back, as if time could be turned back to that last moment when all was well. But the purpose of both life and love is to move forward. Even if it means to its end. Very heartfelt…I could feel my heart aching as I read this <3

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