Winners! A Dozen Roses from a Single Thorn

Literati?  What’s in a name?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet; a Thorn, is still a prick!

Our contest A Dozen Roses from a Single Thorn: A Valentine’s Day Love Story has come to an end.

A rocky road getting through this one, but the same can be said of the relationships that intricate themselves with love.  The entire Moscow staff (moi) would like to extend gratitudus extremis to our Judge, Kristine Rose Grant.

Let me tell you just a bit about her.

Kristine ghost writes letters she calls  Inspired Heart Letters for those who are experiencing some sort of relationship difficulty.  In essence, she is able to bypass a client’s ego, emotional wound, and history or imprint by tapping into their soul or their “higher self” in order to touch the heart of another.  Her ghost-written letters are quite formidable and compelling.  Although the outcome may not always be what the client ostensibly desires, surely a difference is made and a positive shift takes place.  “Words,” according to Kristine,”are like wands.  They can destroy or build; damage or heal; bury or resurrect, and when one is able to stay connected in their heart, words can transform any negative emotion to a more blissful outcome.”

(Kristine has just completed a manuscript solicited by a known publisher who is NOT A Word with You Press with a collection of her letters, and the amazing stories of the results they catalyzed for her clients)

“I mention this  only to share that with all of the entries, (and I hates to use the word judged),  I selected my favorites based upon how they made me feel and whether I resonated with or could appreciate the story, the emotion, or the wisdom behind that which was woven through words within the matrix of each piece.”

Literati, I do hope you will visit my friend of the last ten years on her website,, and friend her on Facebook, www.fb@kristineroseletters.  She would love to connect with you.  (Alas, many of us would love to connect with her!) And here are her words:

“Thank you for welcoming me into the A Word With You Press fold.  All the various entries were impressive if not precious.  I would like to acknowledge Judge Katz, for his prodigious “Desinere” piece … no question, he is definitely an old soul and I look forward to reading more of his work.  Parisianne, I thank you for cheering everyone on.  You were exceptionally gracious, and I always enjoyed your commentaries, not to mention the fervent, colorful, and certainly uncommon storied adventures you gave us.  Again, words cannot express how delightful this was to be part of this entertainment.  Thanks again for including me in the fun.

Alrighty then, drum roll please … let the Thorns & Roses contestants give a big round of applause for:

Third Place:    The Boys of Fate by Tara Hoger

                        I thoroughly enjoyed the cadence, the emotional resonance, the human connection offered through the identity; such strength and swagger … quite powerful!

Second Place:  Sirena Gorda by Elijah Fang

                        I was simply captivated.  I loved the imagery; mysticism, and mystery of the sea.  I could taste the salt water in my mouth…a fabulous journey beneath the sea.

And of course (but you already skipped by all this to find out!)

First Place:      The Golden Cord by Laura Girardeau                     

                       This piece definitely sang to me … beautifully woven and written, and with a letter motif … can’t top that! How appropriate that the winner of a contest about love letters won with an entry about letters themselves.


In the meantime, Tara, Elijah, and Laura: send me your address so that your prizes can be sent to you. Laura has won a dozen long stemmed thorns with roses attached, and any three books from our library, and the services of Kristine Rose Grant. Elijah has won a gift card to Sees Candy and any two books, and Tara has won a gift card for Sees Candy and any book from our library. (Our store is still under construction, but we will send you the links to the books and let you choose.)

Congratulations to our winners.  ’tis true: All you need is love.



18 thoughts on “Winners! A Dozen Roses from a Single Thorn

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    I predicted Laura Girardeau would win and congratulate her. The other decisions and comments concerning me both in critique and this announcement by Ms. Grant offend me too much to respond directly to and remain a lady.

  2. Laura Girardeau says:

    Thank you to all the entrants for risking what is inside and posting your pieces. This is certainly a personal topic to write about and it takes some courage.

    And thanks so much to Kristina and all commenters for helping me see that one person’s small voice, scribbled at 2am, matters in the world! I am overwhelmed and will enjoy the roses, the books from the site, and the encouragement to keep writing!

    (And now I finally have time to read and comment on each piece!) Hope they are up here for awhile…

  3. Laura Girardeau says:

    Oh and of course I will enjoy the professional love letter that Kristina will craft for me. Now, who to send it to? I was thinking the story about Lily would be more popular and that if I were so lucky to win some sort of prize, she would get it. Now do I actually have to learn to receive and enjoy that love letter for MYSELF, in my current decision to enjoy life solo for awhile? Wow, looks like just what that 4th grade Laura in the story (and the grown up one) might need right now 😉

  4. Laura Girardeau says:

    I’m trying to remove my 2nd comment below, and it’s not letting me, keeps posting itself as a guest. Maybe it just wants to be up there, but I don’t want to write too much!

    • Julie Mark Cohen says:

      Laura, You can delete a post in its entirety. Scroll your mouse over the upper right-hand corner of your post. You’ll see a white bar and, to the right of it, a white triangle. Click on the white triangle and select “Delete.” OR, you can edit a post. For this, there should be the words “Edit” toward the lower-left of your post. Hope this helps.

  5. Eli Fang says:

    Had a busy couple of days, so just seeing this now. Honored to place anywhere in this contest with so many talented and hard-writing scribes. Laura and Tara – I’m very happy to see your work get the recognition it deserves.

  6. KYLE Katz says:

    Indeed words are like wands. Thank you for reading and enjoying my son, Judge’s Poem.Congratulations to everyone who participated, sharing such a subject of great vulnerabilities, and excellent stories. Have a joy filled spring and summer. Love Kyle and Judge Katz.

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