Where’s Thorno?


I am overwhelmed with stuff to share with you. We dispatched the site gremlins once again and are back in the business of Neo-hedonism, and supporting the writing community.  New contest, books, features, photos, events, staff and reunions.  So let me dole this out over the course of the next few days.  When we announce our new contest, we will also offer you new ways to post it, whereby you are acknowledged as the author, and you will be able to easily pull up all your archived entries on the site.  But I digress! (Feature photo is our writers group in my living room in Budapest)

The towers that are A Word with You Press now has a physical presence in Europe, in Ceske Budejovice, as well as space in Cesky Krumlov, with affiliates in the UK, Berlin, Wroclaw (Poland), and of course, Moscow!  Main office on this side of the pond is a city of about a hundred thousand, a university town and home of the original Budweiser brewery. (Spoiler alert–the Budweiser you are having for breakfast in America  is NOT the Budweiser that is brewed and served here!)

The towers are located a two minute walk from this square, which is now filled with lovers, farmer’s market, street musicians and writers and artists! Picture was taken a month ago.  Spring has now sprung!


Czechs are very tall people. Here I can be seen leading them to a writer’s meetup, also two blocks from the towers:








Pleased to announce that one of our new associate editors, Ben Angel, is a Yank living in Wroclaw, Poland, where I was invited to unify our writing groups. Here is Ben’s bailiwick:


We are gonna have fun and save the world!  Will you join us?  In the next few months we will have a reunion (June) in Oceanside–the Sixth Annual Writers’ Reunion sponsored by AWwYP in California, AND a prize for an upcoming writers’ contest will be ten days at our air b-n-b in Cesky Krumlov.


The room is free and we will contribute to cost of airfare, between Nov first and January 15, with some black out dates. (Don’t you just HATE it when your date blacks out?  No? Hmnn.  you may have a problem!)

But I have saved the big news for last, and you will hear more about it in the next week.  A Word with You Press will be publishing its third anthology:  “5×5:” Five writers, five submissions from each.  The Press has been impressed by so many fine writers who enter our contests, that we’ve selected five who have consistently provided amazing stories, each with a unique voice.  And who might they be?  You’ll find out in our next post, and advance copies will be going on sale next week to help support the local breweries here.  I have been poor before, but I don’t mind being totally Baroque in Bohemia!

Sooo…. Czeers my dears!

Thorn, Editor-in-the-middle-of-something-that-he-doesn’t-really-understand.  Maybe he’s amazed?

By the way, we tracked down the origins of our logo!





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