Where the Heck is Thorn – A new CONTEST!

Ok, here it is, friends and neighbors and writers and painters and makers of merryment from all over the world. You asked for it and now you got it. A CONTEST.

Here’s the rules. We’re going to play, “Where the Hell is Thorn” and whoever gets it right, if we ever find out the truth, gets to send me a separate story or video saying, “I TOLD Y’a SO” in their own, creative, best way and I’ll post it to the site. That’s a FACT! and that’s your PRIZE!

No need to e-mail an entry for me to post. Post your answers/guesses as comments to this post in the comments section Waaaaaaaay down at the bottom of the page. Too easy, Huh? If you’re new here, make a guess, you’ll probably get as close as any of the rest of will.

I did finally get some garbled form of e-mail from him but no clue where he is or when he’s coming back.

Peas and Hominy………….Gary – actingeditorownerandgeneralmerrymakeruntilthorncomesbackincharge.

………..oh, by the way. If you go to Amazon.com and read The War on Bird Street and leave a review for the book, an HONEST not all five star review, that might get you a secret clue…… Y’a just never know 🙂

25 thoughts on “Where the Heck is Thorn – A new CONTEST!

  1. Glclark says:

    Sal and Diane are already ten points ahead of y’all because they’ve read and left a review for my book and thereby earned the extra points. Come on, it’s only three bucks. I’ll send y’a the three bucks. Buy it and read it and review it then tell your friends about it. I gotta get sales up on this thing or I’m gonna have to put that dang rooster out to stud.

  2. Michael Stang says:

    Damn it! I don’t get the extra points cause I posted a review before I read this. Honest, I just came from Amazon where I left it for them to bless it. Can’t tell ya exactly where that boy may be, but I’ll betchya he went East, not West.

  3. tlrelf says:

    Please don’t put that rooster out to stud as he’s all-tuckered-out already! I done heard that the last time he was t’ stud, he hid in the grapevines for days, and didn’t cock-a-doodle-doo at sunrise for near on a month!

    So, love the Richard Scarry Busy, Busy World cover. . .I had his nephew in one of my classes at City College. One never knows who will show up there. . .

    So, where’s Waldo? I mean Thorn? I could hold a remote viewing session and tell you all for sure, but I don’t want to see WHAT he’s doing up that close. Yes, that’s right folks. . .I do believe our Thorn is sowing his merry oats in Germany, visiting his son, and attempting to woo alle zie Deutsche madchen! (umlaut on the “a’). Und ich auch denke dass er viele bier tassen trinken!

      • tlrelf says:

        I know he’s a devoted dad. . .
        Then again, he might be in New Zealand attending LandMark Education workshops and learning how to surf.

    • Thorn says:

      First, we take Manhattan…THEN WE TAKE BERLIN! (L Cohen)
      “I Drink to sober from a greater drunkeness” Kahlil Gibran (But I don’t trust his philosophy since he wrote for prophet)

  4. Salvatore Buttaci says:

    Where is Thorn? Somewhere in San Diego, incognito, hitting the textbooks in an effort to earn A’s in his courses. I know. I know. It’s more interesting than that. Okay, let me try again. He’s somewhere in Rome, il Vaticano, having clandestinely covered the election of Pope Francis from an old storage room once a confessional box. He’s lost his Al Italia plane ticket and has no way of returning to the states unless someone sends the fare as directed in the e-mail we all received from a bogus scammer from Russia. I know it’s a fake call for alms because Vladimir signed it “Torn Skully.”

  5. Mac Eagan says:

    Just bought your book but, since you requested an *honest* review, I will have to read it first.
    As far as Thornton’s current location – that’s a little tougher. He hasn’t communicated with too many people about the specifics of his location. I think he is in a quiet, contemplative place, considering many things that are happening in his life right now, including the management of this site. The Literati are his friends and he wishes he could be more actively engaged among them. He is grateful to The Cowboy for moving to the front of the herd and taking point.
    Thornster and The Cowboy are able to stay in touch. The Cowboy knows and is sympathetic, as well as supportive. Thornster is taking time to meditate about his current situation, and plan his next endeavor.
    Somewhere, on a moonlit night, Thornton looks out over the world and gives consideration to many things. Eventually he finds himself staring into a mirror, and The Cowboy stares back.

    • tlrelf says:

      Perhaps that was him I saw in the robes meditating by the ocean on this wonderful rock. . .
      Does the Cowboy want my short story to post (sent to Thorn by deadline) for Julie’s prompt?

      • Glclark says:

        You bet, Terrie! Send it and I’ll post it to the longest running AWwYP Contest in the World and when that little sonofabitch comes back and announces the winner, he’s gonna have to come up with a trophy better than any other he’s ever awarded. Maybe?

      • Mac Eagan says:

        Well. in that case, I will also send in my story.

        Teri, winning is probably narrowed to you and me since by now Julie has probably forgotten all the previous entries. Although I am thinking the only other two were The Professor and The Playologist.

        Hmmm . . . now there’s a title.

    • Glclark says:

      Well, wherever the little sonofabitch is, he better get his ass back here PRONTO because Granny’s gettin tired of the bullshit I”m putting up on the site. Last night, when she read the newest contest stuff she threw a green potato at me and hollered, “You stupid little asshole! You tryin’ to replace Thornton is like PeeWee Herman tryin’ to replace Charlton Heston in BEN HUR!”
      Thanks for the post Mac.

  6. Diane Cresswell says:

    where or where would the little Thorn be
    be he on land or out to sea
    is he contemplating his life and times
    or making a list of words to write that rhymes
    his body is aching, his soul on hold
    waiting for the right moment to be told
    of how to write, create, maintain and present
    his life and dreams into accomplishment
    his time is getting shorter making him adjust
    to the needs and demands of life a reality must
    what does a self respecting Thorny one do
    to take a step forward or hide in life’s poo
    ah that is the question that is quite clear
    has anyone checked under the oceanside pier
    the rocks under there are perfect to sit and stare
    waves rolling in between the pylons there
    create an illusion of stairs for one to climb – to take the dare
    sunlight filters through the pylons at the end of the day
    the light at the end of the tunnel is created with each ray
    he sits there amazed at the sight
    knowing he can come back to his friends when all within is right

    • tlrelf says:

      You’re a poet and you know it, oh yeah. . . This is a novel (pun intended) style to enlighten us on his whereabouts!

      • Diane Cresswell says:

        Thanks Terrie – my dad was a poet and maybe some of it rubbed off on me…well he was sitting with me when I wrote this.

  7. 1948pdobbs says:

    I guess I am going to have to buy a Kindle if your book is half as good as Michael Stang says it is. Blessings, pd

  8. 1948pdobbs says:

    Where is Thorn? As someone has already said, “… he is a family man” and I know how much his grandchildren mean to him. So I think he is doing what he has done before and that is to put on his tool belt and pick up his hammer and head for a house under construction. Of course the location would have to be wherever the grandchildren live. That is the secret!
    Hello to everyone. Thank you for all of your kind notes. I’m looking forward to joining all of you on the playground again. Disqus and I have been see-sawing over my Password. Hope we are now in agreement. Blessings, pd

  9. Thorn says:

    They seek him here

    They seek him there

    Those Frenchies seek him everywhere.

    Is he in Heaven?

    Or is in in Hell?

    That damned, elusive n’e’r do well–OOPS! PIMPERNELL!

  10. Jon Tobias says:

    I’m not too sure he actually wants to be found. Also, any man willing to devise a plan like this to be found will probably be found inappropriately dressed, atop a bed at the end of a rose petal trail. Also, roses are very hard to get out of fabric and will totally stain any threadcount sheets as well as your skin. I am not going to make a thorn/rose/trail pun because you all already did in your heads. Anyways, I am currently searching bedrooms and rose trails. I have a black eye. This happened before my endeavor however, so it is probably pointless to say. Though I do know what to expect. Best of luck to you all, except Thorn.

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