Where ever Hugo, Victor, I will follow

Ahhh, Literati!

I was stranded in London a few years ago.  Nothing to do but stroll the streets of London and wander into The Queens Theater. (No, not something you are dragged into.  The REAL Queen’s Theater.)  In the following video, we hear a singer not so hard boyled as the one from Britain’s Got Talons.


Our contest continues…




It begins with my vague idea for a novel about a desperate man stealing a loaf of bread.

“You have a visitor,” Adele says, “an odd-looking fellow.”

The stranger suddenly stands there, hand extended.

“Repeat after me,” he says. “All I want for Christmas is my two-front seat tickets to Les Misérables.”

The title of my book!

Dumbfounded, Adele and I repeat the words. Little do we know the man had traveled in time: December 22, 1985 to December 22, 1845. A temponaut, he calls himself, from 2176.

The Broadway Theater.

Front seats.

Javert hunts down Valjean.

Marius loves Cosette.



5 thoughts on “Where ever Hugo, Victor, I will follow

  1. Glclark says:

    Yeah – Kyle, I’m with you on the Mac thing. Sounds like him. But whoever it is this is a good flash, gets a lot of information out to the reader in a very few words just like a good flash does.

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