Where are Your Priorities, Mac?

He promised us…told us it would be here by midnight. I waited up. Sat anxiously at my laptop with all the excitement of a child watching for Santa to come down the chimney. A story. A few words was all we wanted. Something to show us that he was still out there – one of us.

I waited up until 2:00 a.m. (Midnight at the AWwYP Towers). I held my breath, shifted from one foot to the other, cleared my cache, deleted my cookies. Scratched my watch and wound my butt. Then, in one last gasp of desperation, I unzipped my file and jerked out my hard drive. But did Mac send us the promised merriment? A few funny words? The pledged comedic composition? Words that would regale Risus?

Nay, I say! Nothing, nada, nil, naught, not a single mirthful word did he forward for the Make Me Laugh Non-Competition.

But, alas, he had other priorities. More important things to do besides play with us. And, now that I think about it, I don’t blame him. Mac’s uber talented daughter, Mari, is not only a writer, she is also an artist. And she was honored last night for winning a contest with one of the most incredible compositions I’ve seen come from a young artist. Mari has a true eye for color, composition, and motion. A rendering of a child standing in a snowstorm, smiling and loving the miracle of the wind and snow swirling around her. Her painting flows as smoothly as her words in a story.

Congratulations, Mari. We love your writing when you share with us, and we especially love your art. Now, if you can help us get that BUM of a father to  get his head out of the clouds and send me a story, maybe we can find a place to post it.

Help me out with that?

14 thoughts on “Where are Your Priorities, Mac?

  1. Michael Stang says:

    That’s telling him, Clark, that’s giving him the business, bravo buddy, you sure made him toe the mark. Why he will know better next time than to ignore the likes of you, who does he think he is anyway, is Atlanta on the moon or something, correspondence every quark years? Yeah, you sure showed him.
    But then, again, when all else fails, send in the girl

  2. KYLE Katz says:

    Genius marketing srategy plan. I’ve always wanted to be part of a reality website. Title. Tune in for
    “I’ll have a word with you allright and then press my fist up against your jaw.” I’m tuning in everyday…Cause theres a chance you and granny may get a butt kickin…or not!

  3. Mac Eagan says:

    I tried, Gary, honest i did. After Mari got her award we went out to celebrate with a little dessert, then we got home and I put the kids straight to bed but Wifey beat me to the computer. I waited for her to finish and then I worked on my story, and worked on it some more. Suddenly it was 1:00 am (here, but still early at the Towers, I know) but that old boss man, he won’t let me take naps like at my old job, so I had to stop where I was and try to get a little shut-eye, you know?
    But I just sent in my finished up story.
    Which, by the way, I do believe I said was a possibility. That it might be Friday.
    And thank you very much for your kind words about Mari and her artwork – she just blushed when she read them.

  4. Glclark says:

    Holy SHIT! Did everybody think my For Rent post was serious? That I was pissed off at Mac? It was a damn joke!!!! Remember? The whole game is MAKE ME LAUGH??????????? HA-HA-HA If y’all thought that was rude and pissed off, you outta come see how we do it here in Texas.

  5. Salvatore Buttaci says:

    I knew you were kidding all along. Angry at Mac? Because he hasn’t graced us with something funny yet? Has kept us achingly on our feet waiting? With bated raspy breath? Hey, maybe you weren’t kidding! Come on, Mac, let’s have it already. We’re all after some of your laughter-inducing tales.

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