Welcome back!

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My fellow writers,

After a long winter of cybernation, A Word with You Press has emerged from its cave fully invigorated to help you share your stories and your passion.

During our half-slumber, we stared at those granite walls a long time, before recognizing what it truly was:

a canvas that ached for our touch.

A writer is the portrait painter of the human condition and we are the ones who, given the choice between starvation and art, will crush berries to make ink to adorn the walls of the cave, to tell a story that no one may ever see.

We are the ones who bless our cursed solitude, who will sit for ten minutes to compose a single sentence and realize that four hours have just passed in an instant.

We are the ones with a story to tell.

Our New Logo

The Quantum Quill
The ‘Quantum Quill’ designed by Thorn, Morgan and Tesse – a family effort.

Our new logo is an expression of an idea: the quill is the story-teller’s original instrument, an ink-drinker, a scrawler on rough parchment.  Yet, from that black swamp of an ink well, a usb cable emerges and suddenly, we have a way for our stories to >big-bang< their way across the universe into the hearts and minds of infinite readers.

Isn’t that what we want? I want you to feel what I feel, to think what I think. This is what propels me as a writer.

What about you?

26 thoughts on “Welcome back!

    • Thorn says:

      Miryam, my love! Does the big guy know you and I are processing words together again? I can only hope it’s all good! Love to you and Brian. I look forward to seeing you enter our contest AGAIN. You have an excellent chance of winning…One thing that has not changed with the relaunch: I still sleep with the judge!

  1. Salvatore Buttaci says:

    I knew you’d be back. I just didn’t know when. I always regarded AWWYP as the ideal friendly place to share our writings and comments, something we who visit here are anxious to resume. Welcome back, Amigo.

    • Thorn says:

      Glad you found us! Hope you have laundered your shorts and will air them out to dry on our site! I expect yours to be one of the first entries in our new contest AGAIN. I like chocolate, Sumatra coffee and women in a variety of flavors…just sayin. Please let your friends know the boys are back in town!

  2. Diana Diehl says:

    Gee, but it’s *great to be back home*, to *get back, get back, get back to where we all belong*. Back in the AW, back in the AW, *back in the AWwYP*! And we are *back in black* & white–I love the readability! Who can refrain from shouting out a great “Yippe Ki-yay!” to see Thorn *back in the saddle* of his blog again?!

    Kudos go out to Morgan for all his hard work. I know there are some clever coding machinations running this elegant new version of AWwYP. You are the real mover and shaker, the man behind the curtain responsible for AWwYP *coming back to life.” Thanks, Morgan!

    Bring on the contests! *The boys (and girls) are back in town*!

    (P.S. name the musicians who made those ‘back’ songs famous)

  3. Kenneth Weene says:

    Ah, the joy to once again hear dulcet voices in my head:
    the crafted words, critiques offered, jokes as well.
    Thanks all be to Thorn, of whom it’s rightly said,
    “A rose he ain’t but he writes so well.”

  4. Madame Parisianne Modert says:

    Anticipations of readers, enchantments of typing spirits, fantasies from the minds of artists have returned from the ashes of cyber manuscript burnings to a new phoenix nest in the form of reborn infant desires for a more flowing quest for provocative elegance in life’s quest to be feed, read, heard and share.

    What is the human expression of being worth if not given stories to tell, art to be revealed and a community around devoted to ages before and after their own? A feather burns of amber flame against black ashes and a feather arises shining bold upon a page, plugged in and alive.

    I salute this launch to adventures yet magically to appear, yet filled upon blank screens, while knowing once more A Word With You Press lives and thrives as a phoenix arisen, wiser from experience and stronger of purpose.

  5. Jacquie Schmall says:

    While thinking about things amusing
    I couldn’t find where you were
    While you were in slumber
    They decreased in number
    A calendar might help you concur!
    J. Schmall

    So glad to see you have awakened to jostle the rest of us from our long, long, winter nap. 🙂

  6. Jonathan Freedman says:

    Welcome back! A Word with You Press is a studly & garrulous purveyor of stories, a tenacious and independent publisher, a throwback to the tradition of editor-as-collaborator with authors, a finder of talent, a nurturer of soul confessions, warm and generous. Huzzah! Huzzah! May this website attract writers and readers to build a community of voices!
    – Jonathan Freedman, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, author and speaker

  7. Robert Marazas says:

    I had a great time last time around, met a fantastic group of fellow writers (you included), and even got some money (and some thoughtful critiques), so I’m dipping my toe in the water Again (where have I heard that word?) Welcome back. We need you.

    -R.F. Marazas, Tied for first place in the A Word With You Press 2014 Once Upon a Time Contest

    • thorn says:

      I am in Utah driving north and will investigate when I am home. Are there comments you made that did not get posted? I will ask Morgan to sort it out and contact you. Anyone else mot seeing their comments posted? Email me or Morgan. Thorn@awordwithyoupress.com

    • Morgan Sully says:

      Hi Don – when someone posts for the first time with an unrecognized email address, it does not go live immediately and we get notified. This is to protect from spam and requires either myself or Thorn to manually approve the comment. Your comment (and future comments using your email address) is approved!

    • thorn says:

      Nice to see you here again! We really appreciate an endorsement of our logo from am artist such as yourself! How about putting a link to your website here? Hope to see you next time I am in San Diego.

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