We Have a Winner! Congratulations to Kristy Webster

First off, Literati, I want to apologize that this announcement is late – Thorn’s travel plans became busier than intended and I got slammed by my textbooks.

However, we invite you to congratulate Kristy Webster for her wonderful winning entry to our High Heeled Sneakers contest, titled “The Great Wonderful Thing.” Kristy’s pacing and descriptions keep the reader on their toes and toy with their emotions incredibly skillfully. I was nearly brought to tears the first time I read it. In case you have not read her story yet, you can read it here. Expect some red ruby slippers to be arriving on your doorstep soon, Kristy!

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. I loved reading all of your entries and could tell each one was crafted with care. Keep on writing and keep on submitting!

Last but not least, Thorn would like to make two announcements. First of all, the next contest will be judged strictly by a set of rules that will be posted closer to the start of that contest. While emotions are important while reading a story, we also value giving each of our contestants a fair shot at winning. Second of all, Thorn says that the T-shirts from the “One-of-a-Kindness” contest should all be out! Contact Thorn if yours haven’t arrived or you think there might be an issue.

That’s all for now, Literati!

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