We are familiy! I’ve got all my siblings with ME! Tara Hoger enters our contest

Third Place Winner
in Dozen Roses Contest

(Here, in a lighter moment, Derek, Gary, Diana and the-editor-in-chief express dismay that our Valentine’s Day contest is over, with but four or five entries remaining to be posted–or maybe this is the menage a Tara Hoger? Or maybe it’s the band Giselle Nu?)


Good Morning, Literati, from the snow-dusted towers that are A Word with You Press!

Fellow Muscovite Tara Hoger (with whom I have yet to share a pint of coffee or a cup of Sam Adams with a slice of lime) has entered our contest A Dozen Roses from a Single Thorn: A Valentine’s Day Love Story.

New to the site?  The only binding (aahhhh! bondage!) requirement for the contest other than word count was that somewhere within the story must be the phrase: but it was only a rumor.

Here is a rather cryptic tale with a futuristic feel to it.

Here, from developing writer and artist/musician Tara Hoger is

The Boys of Fate

by Tara Hoger


They say

(with sneers)

that her children come from three different men


But if it was only a rumor

The truth could not be told


What they do not know

Is the power of family

The power of the four


The boys, each, are warriors

of Peace, Mercy and Love


From the time of the reptilian brain to the new dawn of cybernetics

the children are ensconced in a world of oceanic love


They eat of flowers and walk through the




Their mother is


To hold them together

Even in the times

She herself

Thought she would crack


It is through her new skin they are born

It is through her tongue they speak


It is through this life they walk



She has traveled through time to collect their souls

They have volunteered their service


The confusion is only from the deaf ears

Disconnected from the song of the earth

The heartbeats out of sync

With pulse

That cynicism exists

Love is immortal


There is no bank of time

Capitalizing on fear

Notions of Karma

and Beasts of Burden

We churn contents through the bowels

of empty divine

Peace is not known until Surrender




My warrior children

I speak to you from sinews


Bone that is fragments of dust from far reaches of worlds we no longer know


I speak to you in vibrations

That you feel



Your cells are in mine

I bathe in your essence each day


I love you beyond this world

And because of

This world

This beautiful





We call home


“They walk through the fire unscathed”









8 thoughts on “We are familiy! I’ve got all my siblings with ME! Tara Hoger enters our contest

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Spirit dance around the fire and into the sky of transcendence. The flowing cadence matches the words moving in stepped up beats whether phrases or singular word one right after another. Very, very well written with a depth of emotional ties.

  2. Michael Stang says:

    “We churn contents through the bowels of empty divine.” I have thought about this since I read your entry last night. I felt your writing coming from a thousand points of light. Much to consider abd behold, much to enjoy.

  3. Kristine Rose Grant says:

    What can I say…truly impressive! Who are you? This was written is such a way that elicits a depth and breath of deeper wisdom….so much lurks beneath the surface of what roles we play…”I am I your child this time, or your mother, or your evil stepfather?” The list goes on as the world we know goes on” Thanks for a provocative countenance…a surreal and so real chance to take pause. I think many of us will consider your entry even in our dreams.

  4. KYLE Katz says:

    Bam. There’s the line that makes this story charge forward like a heard of Buffalo.”The mother is enough to hold them together, even in times she herself thought she would crack.” the Love for her warrior children made her the empress of beauty and leading them to the love of this spiritual place. Any judgement before melts away, because truly peace is not known until surrender. So many golden nuggets in this tale Tara.

  5. Tara Howe says:

    thank you to you each for the beautiful comments and that you felt it. Kyle, yes, I sent you email. much love. t

  6. Laura Girardeau says:

    Tara, the gift you’ve given me with this piece is the emotional tone, the embodiment of love. A current of physical bloodline runs through it: cells, sinew, marrow. Although we don’t know the backstory, I can tell it is written by a mother, one who has housed miraculous beings in her body and who always will be connected to them, closer than to anyone else, even after they grow up.


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