Waves break beneath the surface upon Katie C.

It's rumored bad luck to turn your back on the ocean - perhaps that's when the Tardis arrives!






Ocean Jetty

by Katie C.

My children sit close to me at the tip of the Ocean Jetty, thrust into the middle of deep aqua-green waves rolling majestically towards us and spraying their snowy-white foam to soak us in shivers of exhilarating salty prickles.   They sit on either side, clinging in trust and gripping each hand without release.  Their amazement at the beauty and power of the waves shines through as they excitedly try to guess which one will next capture us in it’s freezing bliss. The wind whips our hair into our eyes but even my daughter with her Aspie need for constant comfort doesn’t mind.

We stay for hours, longing for warmth but unable to peel ourselves away from the rage, wonder, and passion of the waves.  We discuss why people are the way they are because of society and the things parents pass on to their children, generation to generation. This in response to my daughter’s giggling inquiry, “why do people need to wear clothing when we all have the same parts?”

Following our discussion my seven-year-old son offers, “Mom, you taught me about God.” He looks at me from deep blue eyes peeking under lashes heavy with glittering drops of seawater and continues his reflection. “I don’t think that God is a he or a she, or that God is in a certain place.  I think God is All.” He pauses for a moment, beaming up at me with pride, “that’s what you taught me mom!” My heart overflows.

I came to the Ocean seeking answers from the wisdom of Her depths. “What is my purpose?” has been heavy on my mind. From my son’s words, spoken with the ease and grace of Ghandi, my purpose shines bright and clear.  “I am a parent.”

Children arise from the deep womb of  the sea, surfacing to reflect our deepest truths of action and word with perfect clarity. “God is All.” Out on the Jetty I squeeze my children close, watching as the sun slivers and sinks behind the sea and quietly add, “and God is Love.”

10 thoughts on “Waves break beneath the surface upon Katie C.

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Natural tidal flowings of thoughts and interactions invaded my mind with the smiling thought that this is how life should be. The connection with the loving innocence of children as well as the reaching to comprehend the higher power of belonging is enchanting wisdom knowing that love is the true oneness. This is my favorite of your 3 entries Katie C., whoever you happen to be.

    • Katie C. says:

      Thank you Parisianne for your beautiful comment…. how life should be, yes indeed. I’m glad you enjoyed my piece!

      • Parisianne Modert says:

        I am an instant fan of your two entered poems as well. The beauty of my refusing to have my own work considered for competition is two fold. One, anyone can comment freely as they wish other than I am sensitive about “Ode to Rufia” for personal reasons and two, my comments on my own pieces and others can be considered honest without agenda; although some may disagree on one issue. I don’t play favorites; although some might disagree. You are a very welcome addition to this community that I love of extremely talented and creative writers, some of whom have become among my dearest friends.

        • Katie C. says:

          I am grateful to have a place to finally get some of my writing out there and to receive feedback. Thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to writing and sharing more as well as getting to know all of the writers here.

  2. Tiffany V says:

    The thing I like about this piece is the conversational way you and your child speak of God. It’s refreshingly honest, without propaganda. And the set up doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is perfect for AWWYP – putting gravitas on a low-carb diet. Well done!

  3. kyle katz says:

    Katie, Your story read with ease and a soft walk in the sand where you could actually feel the footprints of God’s love in the sand.My Own Mother’s influence on my youth growing up was God based. She believe she could get through anything with God on her side. This is such a genuine reflection in your dialogue and imagery. God is well and alive and will flow through the immense love you have for your children. BeYOUtiful!

  4. Laura G says:

    This piece gave me “exhilarating salty prickles.” By carefully choosing on only one line of dialogue and one line of description for each child, you were able to capture their essence. The imagery is well-rounded (sounds and smells, not just sights), woven with deep emotional truths. In this way, a little snapshot of a family vacation gives us a “God is All” feeling. And this line makes the children seem divinely given, but not from Heaven…from our Earth, our complex lives in the moment: “Children arise from the deep womb of the sea, surfacing to reflect our deepest truths of action and word with perfect clarity.”

    Bravo, a “wave” to you, Katie!

  5. Rachael says:

    I gravitate to the belief that God truly is All. what a lovely reflection in the face of such a vast power as the ocean.

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