Wait a Minute…Don’t I Get Free Coffee for This?!*

Literati…the little intern is now AN ADMINISTRATOR!!! YOU’RE ALL MINE NOW MUWAHAHAHAHA (to love and cherish, that is).

In March 2010, I began my journey here at AWWYP. When I began, I was simply a girl who had reached a major milestone (time wise, anyway) and wanted to know only one thing: was ANYTHING going to happen to me as a writer? On my tenth writing anniversary (which I celebrate every year on January 13th) I felt I had nothing to show for myself as a writer. I simply wanted to know if anything would come of it.

Who knew that my dream would collide with my day job?

In March 2010, I was showcased along with over a hundred other writers for AWWYP’s inaugural contest: “The Coffee Shop Chronicles” (I could use a refill on that one. Agree?). It was less of a contest and more of a community. A fellowship. A support group.

A family.

For years, I, along with many of ye faithful, participated in contests, helping to keep the flame alive. For years, we followed while Thorn held the torch and lit the way. It may feel like the flame has dimmed from the cold silence in the middle of the summer heat.

But fall has arrived (for everyone living anywhere north of SoCal, that is. Anyone living in Texas has my condolences). And funnily enough, that’s when I come alive.

The torch has been passed to me–if only while Thorn has his hands full with his other passions. This site was, is, and will always be Thorn’s. And it was, is, and always will be ours.

Thorn has done more than his part to light the way. Now we must fan the flames to light the world.

If anyone has ANY contest ideas or any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at stefanie@awordwithyoupress.com. If you would like to say how unfit I am, please contact your least favorite presidential candidate (we are STILL low-gravitas, and the rule against slamming any particular politician on the site still stands).

So come on baby…LIGHT MY FIRE!!!

*I DO get free coffee…working for the Siren.

Good to the last pumpkin spice.
Good to the last pumpkin spice.

11 thoughts on “Wait a Minute…Don’t I Get Free Coffee for This?!*

  1. Diane Cresswell says:

    I am so happy for you. Now the fun begins. As I told Thorn – YEEEEEEHAAAW Stef I have your back – now bring on the whip and start swinging. I have some ideas and will PM them to you on FB. Having so much fun reading a book at this moment that has me reeled in. Local author of some merit I’d say. Wonderful perception for a story.

  2. Jacquie Schmall says:

    Congrats on elevating without using an elevator! /^_^\

    I would like to hear tales of where some of us were when they uttered the most embarassing ‘foot in mouth’ phrase, and to whom they tossed it before choking. What could have possibly happened to that trusty brain filter? Can it happen more than once? Did it spoil a relationship? Is the phrase honesty, or evil, escaping a hidden file obscured by lively neurons? I think I know. What do you think, Stefanie? 🙂

  3. Mike Casper says:

    Question: Can interns hire interns? Not that you can get drunk with power by two pumpkin spice caramel soy macchiatos could you put some mint chocolate sprinkles on top and leave room for whipped cream…but hey who knows?
    Congratulations on taking over this beloved site. Let me put on my thinking cap for contest ideas.

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