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Literati!  With a presidential election dooming–OOPS!–looming, here is a chance to practice casting your bullet–ballot!  But unlike the national election where you cast a vote for a single candidate, we have a different metric:

Everyone who entered the contest gets THREE votes, including the finalists.  Two votes are cast for your favorite finalist entry; One vote for your second favorite. No write-ins.

And even though your own entry is clearly the best (as four people in the previous contest advised me) you must vote for someone OTHER than yourself.

The winners will be announced at sunset this Saturday at the book launch in California for Tiffany Vakilian’s first published book of poetry, and broadcast on line shortly thereafter.

Send your votes to Do not post your votes in the comment box below.

The next contest will be announced early next week, along with clearly defined rules for judging.

Next time you sea foam on the beach as a wave recedes, think of Merman, holding his beer, and know the truer explanation of the bubbly phenomenon on the sand.

Let the doting begin!

Foam your own opinion
Foam your own opinion

2 thoughts on “Vote

  1. His Moiness says:

    Votes are in and bribes have bee tabulated! Somebody will need to make room on their mantel or warn their goldfish tonight at sunset. The night of a full moon! drawing for a video a Tiffany Valkilian’s book launch! You do not have to be present to lose!

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