“Vengeance is mine!” sayeth contestant Kathy Lundy Derengowski


Our contest asks each contestant to recall, or create a recent encounter with a past love, a lost love.  Kathy Derengowski takes the occasion to regain her dignity after the humiliation of being left for another. It begs the question, is it easier to deal with the aftermath of leaving someone, or having been left by someone? Ahhh!  The palliative effect of anger! For F. Scott Fitzgerald, living well may have been the best revenge, but for we mere mortals, a bit of I-toldya-so goes a long way.  Ask Kathy.

Sweet Revenge

by Kathy Lundy Derengowski


I was glad to hear you divorced.

Shameful I know it, but still

I longed to see your comeuppance

– as cast aside lovers will.


I have to admit that it cheered me a bit

to know that you made the wrong choice

what might have been a great sadness to you,

was reason for me to rejoice:


When did you start to argue and

when did she lose her luster?

When did she learn that your confidence

was only baloney and bluster?


Did you start to work more, and come home late,

did she notice your wandering eye?

Or was she the one, who was looking for fun

and realized that you weren’t that guy.?


Did one of you tire of fidelity,

did somebody’s feet start to itch?

or was it the shock of reality,

when you learned that it’s all bait and switch?


Were her parents too interfering

Did you spend too much time with the guys

did the things that were once so endearing

turn out to be nothing but lies.


I was glad to hear that you parted

from the woman who caused my heartbreak

for one of you made the decision

but both of you made a mistake.






15 thoughts on ““Vengeance is mine!” sayeth contestant Kathy Lundy Derengowski

  1. Thornton Sully says:

    All of you folks visiting our site: Here is a reminder that our contest closes the 15th of March. If you have not yet entered the contest, here is the link to do so: https://awordwithyoupress.com/contest/at-last-a-new-contest-lost-love-it-is-valentines-day-after-all/
    Please help this community of writers grow by posting this on your website or FB, invite your friends to enter the contest and leave comments for all the entrants. You can enter up to three times: great news for the promiscuous among us who have more than one “first loves!” And you could win a mystery trophy and Nook or Kindle device… just sayin’.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Rhyme and story. You’ve definitely written a nice rhyming poem. A hater’s retort? A long-ended bit of well deserved justice? Either way, it was fun and while I wish you were able to have published this before Valentine’s Day (so that AWWYP could have shared it on the many socmed channels), I am glad that you submitted it here!

  3. Mac Eagan says:

    Old school poetry with a recognizable meter and rhyme pattern – my favorite kind!

    Rejoicing over another’s failure? Probably not exactly PC but let’s face it – none of us take the high road on every journey. Easy to connect with this piece.

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