Tobias? or Not Tobias? An Entry into Something to Wine About


I have watched the development of Jon Tobias as a writer for a number of years, now, and featured his work in last June’s anthology, 5×5:  Keeping the Dream Aloft.

The theory behind our support of writers here at the Towers that are A Word with You Press has always been simple: we give you a forum to express your works, and you will hit your stride and create a  worthwhile body of work.

Jon Tobias has the potential to be a significant novelist.  Still tuning his piano.  Rather than submit a conventional response to our contest,Something to Wine About, Jon wrote poetry.  I never knew he had that capacity, and this poem can compete with my favorite book of poetry, the 1948 This is my Beloved by Walter Benton, which I actually keep by my bedside, a copy in the ‘Cow and one in Ceske Budejovice, whenever I need a reminder of the power of romantic love, and the depths of passion.

So why should I congratulate Jonny and not my narcissistic self ?  All Jonny did was prove me right about his abilities.  George Peppard says it best:






He-e-e-e-e-r’s Jonny!

Tonight Calls

by Jonny Tobias


You smile purple,

a sleepy-eyed wild animal

resting its head on top of a kill.


You playfully bite my salty shoulder,

laugh, and stick out a stained tongue.


I want to wrap your laughter

in butcher paper

the way it falls out so hard

like a severed limb hitting tile floor.


You go to the kitchen

leaving the tiny ghost

of this morning’s perfume

to dance next to me.


The wine bottle stutters

but, but, but, but,

in protest as it empties

as if it were a warning


that it is late

that we have work in the morning

that too drunk is too easy to achieve


but we are peaceful predators

and the days are hard and long

and sleep for us is a missing child

on the fifth day of searching.


I need your heavy laughter

as much as this creeping,

numbing warmth.


I need shelter,

the deep war trenches of our backs

for our tiny hearts

when we lay down at night.


You walk back to me

as if it were a dance

with two full glasses of wine


and we cheers

to the holdout for hope

as if we rescued it

just before it climbed the guard rails

of a tall bridge.


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1 thoughts on “Tobias? or Not Tobias? An Entry into Something to Wine About

  1. Miryam Howard says:

    I am enjoying poetry more these days…. never was a big fan in my younger years… Your piece is a refreshing reminder of the art of poetry which attracts me. There is much to contemplate in this piece. So good to read your submission to the contest Mr Tobias!

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