Time to Vote!


We have posted all the finalist stories now, with the exception of one straggler who missed the train.  Time to select a winner, and here is how that works.

Everyone who entered the contest gets a single vote.  If you entered the contest AND posted at least one comment, you get an extra vote.  In the event of a tie, the station-master-in-chief will cast a vote.  Make your choice based only on the final entry.

Too simple.

As the authors are anonymous, go ahead and caste your votes at the bottom of this post, using the pseudonym we assigned each entrant.

Let the author and our audience know why you voted as you did, and what you liked about their story. Get your votes in by Friday evening. We will tally the votes and announce over the weekend, and on Saturday morning we will list the authors and the scrambled list of pseudonyms, and allow everyone to guess the true identities, and post their conclusions.

Person who gets the most correct will win a Starbucks card for $20 to buy  politically correct cups of Christmas coffee this season. In the event of a tie, Satikush will select the winner.

Voter ID is not required!


12 thoughts on “Time to Vote!

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    As a person who both entered and commented, I cast both of my votes for Doubleback McGillicuddy, because they were the only one in my original five and the best finalist storyline in continuity, creative writing and quality of writing.

    My daughter, who also entered, but never commented, cast her one vote in protest for herself. What? Excuse me for a moment…Rufia, dear, choose one of the six finalists. With a huffy pout and a giggle, she cast one vote for Tren de la Fresa because catching strawberries is better than giving people raspberries.

    • Mike Casper says:

      I loved the Horrible Man story and I actually like cheese albeit of the smoked Gouda variety. The title, The Golden Limburger Cheese Caper is a witty play on words too. Gold In Limburger…lol

  2. Parisianne Modert says:

    “Can I tell them which story was mine Mommy?”
    “No, they have to guess from the list from Saturday, Rufia.”
    “Did Uncle Thorny buy crayons with the $7. you sent him for me?”
    “I don’t know dear, but this is a voting place now, so he is busy.”
    “Doin’ what Mommy?”
    “Counting the votes. Editor-in-Chiefs haven’t a lot of free time.”
    “OK, but when do I get to meet Taylor Swift? She’s my goddess.”
    “I know, but I don’t think she entered this contest dear.”
    “She would win if she did.”
    “I’m sure she would Rufia, but you’re my winner.”
    “I love you too Mommy.”

  3. Michael Stang says:

    McGill has my vote for downright best story telling, but I want to add an honorable mention. For writing from the seat of your pants, N Jin gave us creative stuff. Stuff, as in what makes a story do well.
    Grats to all the finalists.

  4. Diane Cresswell says:

    Golden Limburger was a well constructed story and if I had had a third vote would have voted for it. However being the odd person out, as I usually am, I did not vote for it. I was looking for something different, a story that went out of the boundaries of what we have seen in the past. As good as this story is, I Am A Horrible Man would have won on that merit. So please don’t throw anything hard – I can be a horrible old lady!!!!

    • Parisianne Modert says:

      I congratulate your personal integrity which is not “horrible” or any odder than anyone else’s vote, but how can we know who you did vote for believing it is orginal to this site? I guess I don’t understand the value or need for a private ballot on a site like this. The prize is a model train mounted on a piece of wood with tracks not the White House in 2017. I honor whoever you voted for Diane and so should anyone else.

  5. Grant Laurence says:

    One vote for D Reichsbach for creating such an elegant, well round sketch
    And one for the 99 by R Trevithick for such a gore geous submission

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