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Literati! Thorn was asked not long ago to write an article for Legacy Arts Magazine on a subject that I think is so deep in our psyches that we don’t often pause to think about it.

Like most people, I have hopes and dreams that I’ll be able to live off of my writing. If pressed, most of us would answer, “no” if money were no object and had the choice of whether or not to return to their day jobs. There isn’t anything wrong with that. But if you look at the past few sentences, what is the subject I’m really talking about? It’s about money. It’s about having nice things. It’s about escaping the mundane 9-to-5 lifestyle.

It’s more about survival.

So if we were granted our wishes to be rich off of our writing and never had to type or write another word again for the rest of our lives…would we?

If the answer is no, enjoy your life.

If the answer is yes…then…why? Why would you keep writing if you didn’t have to do it anymore? You have everything you have ever wanted and needed at your fingertips. There’s nothing more than that.

Is there?

Where our hopes and dreams of success end is where Thorn’s article begins.

Thorn took the task of asking a few people about why they write…why they really write. The hunger that can’t be satisfied with bread. The thirst that can’t be quenched with wine. The quest with no beginning or end.

So…why do we write?

I’ll let Thorn tell you, now:

Legacy Arts Issue 16 October 2018

Special thanks to the lovely Laura Roser, the publisher! You’ll be hearing from her soon on this site, I promise! If you enjoyed that article, please subscribe here:

Legacy Arts Magazine

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I write…because someone has to fuel my Starbucks addiction.

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