Thongs for the memories

Ugly Drawers, Pretty Panties - Tiffany Vakilian

Press Release for AWwYP Website – July 25th 2015

Dear Friends,

If you are anywhere in SoCal please join us Saturday, August 29th with our sponsor Highlight Video Productions, at 2575 Foothill Drive in Vista to help us celebrate the launch of Ugly Drawers, Pretty Panties, our darling Tiffany Vakilian’s first publication with us at the Towers that shine A Word with You Press flags.


This event will be a great chance to meet the author and kindred spirits, and to network with writing, media, publishing, and other professionals. It’ll also serve as a reunion of sorts for all North County writers, in particular the Meet-Up group Anti-Social Writers and Creative Misfits, of which Tiffany and I are members. She handed me the fiddle when the Oceanside towers burned.

(but it does make a good story. But definitely not a lire!)


We expect more people than there are inappropriate puns at the Towers, so be sure to bring a lawn chair. Come enjoy a little live music and the camaraderie of fellow writers, artists, and friends. Tiffany will give a brief reading at sunset, and be on hand to sign copies of her book.


50% of the proceeds from her book launch that night will be donated to the Transformative Language Arts Network, promoting the use of spoken, written, sung, or embodied words to facilitate social change. And you get a woman’s ugly drawers and pretty panties to put under your pillow or sell on eBay.


In a perfect world, I would be flying in from Moscow for the event, but I’m on extended time out for bad behavior and locked in the Tower! But I will be there virtually, as will folks all over the orb.


AND we will announce the prize winner to our Beneath the Surface contest before the day is done. I do hope to see you and promise to be on my best misbehavior!


Fifteen bucks gets you a beer, a book and a burger.


With LOVE from the land of the double-entundra,

His Moi-ness,

The Thorntonator-in-chief​, thornificent, as ever


6 thoughts on “Thongs for the memories

  1. Jacquie Schmall says:

    Sounds like a fun book, and event. I’m currently living Portland, Oregon, and, regrettably, will miss out on a wonderful gathering.
    Congratulations to the author, the publisher, and my warmest greetings to all who stop by to read this note.

    ? Jacquie Schmall

  2. Parisianne Modert says:

    Please inform us of the beginning time when you know or feel more appropriate, so those of us who are interested can arrange our calendars and RSVP in advance.

  3. Tiffany V says:

    Strangely enough, the time is in the email post, but not in the post. The Book Launch party is from 6pm-9pmPST – and virtual attendies are most welcome, as I will be live tweeting the event, and there will be (hopefully) an instagram photo booth for those of the selfie-conscious nature!!!

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