This one has a nice ring to it.


I’ve got a sleigh to catch, but I thought I would post the last finalist in our contest:”Like a Ton of Bricks”.  The prompt being to wrap the story around “All I want for Christmas is…..”


“Looks like yesterday’s shipment, plus,” the driver flipped through the manifest, “seven swans-a-swimming.  Sign here.”

“Wh-?  Wh-?” Elaine stammered.

“Where am I going to put all this?” She swept her hand across the living room.  “Right now, all I want for Christmas is my apartment back.”

“You refusing the order, ma’am?”

“Yes!  And everything else you brought me this week.  Take every last. . .wait.  The rings are small.  And pretty.  Everything but the rings.  Back where it all came from!”

“What about the next five deliveries?”

“Just bring the rings.  They’ll make up for me losing my security deposit.”

So if it’s square, why do they call it a ring?


4 thoughts on “This one has a nice ring to it.

  1. Glclark says:

    Take everything else back – just leave the rings!  Love it – A real lady knows the value of things and we here at AWwYP know the value of a well told tale……….And this is a well told tale. Good job and good luck!

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