This made me think of you

Literati!  Thus spake my dear friend Laura McGee.

in an email to me this morning.  Please take the effort to view this short video.  Tis why we write, or least, tis one on the multiple possibilities.

I credit Laura, by the way, with saving my daughter Tamara’s life, for inspiring her being her bridge over troubled waters (hmnn..sounds catchy) as she rebuilt herself from the ground up after a crash and burn marriage.  Before Laura, my daughter thought the best she could hope to be in life to support her kids was maybe a para-legal.  AFTER Laura, Tamara NOW has her sights set on being an attorney–and of course, her dad (that would be moi) will probably need one by the time she passes the bar exam.


Pass on a little goodness, won’t you?  share this great video.


YouTube – Videos from this email

6 thoughts on “This made me think of you

  1. KYLE says:

    To see the twirl of a word pressed to paper,  a double loop of a ‘K’, that blades
    along the page ending in a top heavy explanation point, surrendering to the sensual
    curves of an ‘S’ and the sharpnest of a ‘T’ as a ‘Q,’ quietly bites into my
    flesh. The Love letter.  Think I’ll
    write one and send it to a stranger!

  2. 1948pdobbs says:

    I made a vow when I first got my computer that I would never let it take the place of a hand written thank you note or a “love” letter. This is my comfession that I have broken that vow countless times because it takes time, and time is the most precious thing I have. Your ministry of letter writing has renewed my spirit. And never think for a moment that it isn’t a ministry! I have a bundle of letters from each of my children and from my husband of 64 years and countless grandchildren all tucked away, priceless!Thank you for nudgeing my heart into doing what it already knew was a gift for a lifetime.
    Blessings, pd

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