This is shirtainly a poignant entry: # 11 from Bob Rubin


First, I would like to thank Mike Casper for introducing Bob Rubin to our playground.  They both attend a writers’ group in Encinitas, California, and it’s great to know we are the source of gossip!Welcome, Bob, and I do hope you will see our site as a place you can find an audience.

What many writers have difficulty with is distinguishing the difference between dram and melo-drama. Melodrama is forced emotion.  Drama in its simplest form invites emotion.  I read this three times, smiling after each read.  See if you feel the same, and, why not invite your own friends to enter our contest?


Prompt “20. The shirt off my back”:

A Memorable Shirt

by Bob Rubin

I enjoy beautiful clothes and have sold them on more than one occasion. None of the department stores where I worked have survived. One story brings to mind a particular piece of clothing that caught my eye about sixty years ago. The story will endure till my dying day and perhaps even continue through this memoir.

I was a teenager in Miami, Florida shopping in a department store with my late mother. Mom was the kindest person I have ever known. Since a mother has power well beyond the norm to her children, I feel doubly blessed.

That day shopping reflected her brand of motherhood. I was standing, holding an off white, blue, pin-striped, short sleeved shirt. It was a beautiful piece of clothing. I admired it for a minute or so.

I said, “Mom, could I have this shirt?” She said, “It is so hard to tell you no.” Those eight words told me everything about how I was loved. Her beautiful eyes, her lovely voice and her warm heart clothed me with love for the rest of my life.




9 thoughts on “This is shirtainly a poignant entry: # 11 from Bob Rubin

  1. miryam says:

    Welcome Mr Rubin… so nice to read your entry. Your story portrayed genuine loving memories that endure forever. I bet you are still a very dapper dresser!

  2. Michael Casper says:

    It’s not about the shirt, and I can hear it in your voice as you read it aloud at today at writer’s group. An excellent contest entry, and hopefully the first of many. Well done, Bob.

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