The World’s Fastest Two Man Tent…

So we all know my boys like to poke fun at the seemingly little things in life, and sometimes the simpler the better.

This joke may be ridiculous but we dare you not to chuckle a little. At least these boys can admit when they are simply taking the piss!

Actually, sometimes I feel the more awful the joke, the more they utterly revel in the comedy crassness. You may smile at some of their stuff, but they are sniggering right back at you!

6 thoughts on “The World’s Fastest Two Man Tent…

  1. Star5fallonmyheart says:

    You know who I think you must meet? My senior year philosophy teacher. Bad jokes? He's got 'em. Probably still using the same stuff he used when I was still a senior in high school as opposed to senior in college =D His favorite?

    “I know we're not vegetables but…let us pray” (listen to the last three words)

    Ah the good times =)

  2. Ruthie_Wuss_n_Boots says:

    It's the worlds fasted two man tent…and it disappears very quickly..! Never fear, it is a very cheesy joke!

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