The view from the bell tower-the love letters of Quasi-modo and Esmarelda

Dear Esmeralda,

I am the dignity you have fallen beneath.  Quasimodo


Dear Quasi,

True dat


My dear Esmeralda,


The only man better for you in your life than me is the man that you are helping me become.


My dear bell ringer.


Sounds good, but I am having trouble getting over the hump.





You didn’t seem to notice when I hauled you into the church and cried “Sanctuary! Sanctuary!”



Thanks for the assist the other day, ( in fact, sanctuary much!-haha!)but honestly, I could have managed without your intervention. Do you ever brush your teeth?




Hi Esi

It seemed to me that they were intent on doing you harm.  I couldn’t let that happen.


Love, Quasi


Dear Quas


You’ve got to stop thinking that everyone needs rescue.  Honestly, I could have managed.  I am grateful, but still…


Dear Esi


What choice did I have in the matter, being that I love you?  Love implies, indeed, requires, some sort of action. Otherwise, it’s just words.




Dear Quasi

Can we just be friends?


Dear Esi.


I had a hunch you’d say that.

does this shirt make me look fat?

20 thoughts on “The view from the bell tower-the love letters of Quasi-modo and Esmarelda

  1. Stars Fall On My Heart says:

    “I had a hunch you’d say that.”

    *Picard facepalm*

    Ah, we women are strange creatures. He’s trying too hard! He’s just gotta do little things like use Listerine, get facial reconstruction surgery, get his back aligned, get a job that will make Romney jealous…so easy to do!

  2. Tlrelf says:

    And here I thought the bells were just ringing in my head. . .and that cloud of dust was due to my neglected tschohke shelf, but Thorn, you really need to stop wearing Aqua Velva.


  3. Kyle Katz says:

    You can’t fake this kind of writing. Underneath his glimmer of hope, shines a man that knows how to ring her bell. He  needs no  sanctuary. Just love, which requires action!  But we all know…You didn’t write that!

  4. Seyfert says:

    My dearest Thornton H.S.,
    As you may recall, I have spent nearly my entire lifetime studying the sexual psychology of Terran males.
    I suggest two things:  (1) intergalactic dating perhaps on Psi-Phi-38.027 where there are several species of humanoid-like creatures with naturally-appealing asymmetries like yours, and (2) watching re-runs of “Happy Days” to study The Fonz.
    Respectfully yours,
    (Dr.) Seyfert

  5. Michael Stang says:

    Oh, I don’t know.  Two strikes, bottom of the eight, that’s when it is time to swing away and get sexy out there.  Course if it’s do or die for a woman like Esi the syntax to the brain is singing sopranos in the basement to begin with.  But where does it say the eye of the beholder is fair.  Heart wrenching is it not?  Let the wench fend for herself next time the castle walls are burning and her chasity belt’s key has been lost in the dirt.  To open or close?  Ahh, now you ask too much.

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