The troubles of being a writer….

You see, it aint that easy is it! This is a golden oldie cartoon, all the way from 2001. Gosh I feel old.

So this week Wuss, Boots and myself will be combing through the entries in the CatTales competition, viciously clawing them apart to decide a victor! *Insert gasps of excitement here*

Do keep a beady eye on the stories we have for the endlessly entertainly insight of my fabulous boys, and we shall soon have a winner!

5 thoughts on “The troubles of being a writer….

  1. Thornton Sully says:

    Proud to say I own the original of this cartoon, which will be proudly displayed at HQ now that the walls are painted. Legend has it that Ruthie drew it as a thank you to her host half her life ago when she and the family crossed the pond to spend a month with me in California, to work on their tans and learn proper English.

    She never did tan.

  2. Mari Maiko says:

    LOL I totally get Wuss’s dilema. The only thing worse than Writer’s block is Over Explaining Author. You know, when you belive that the reader won’t under stand what your writing. Are you getting this? You sure? Maybe I’m over explaining this…

    • Thornton Sully says:

      Nice to see you sneaking in for visit to our site, my dear. I always appreciate it when you leave a comment for people. So, what are you writing now? Anything you might want to share with the rest of the tribe?

      • Mari Maiko says:

        Considering the stress of Middle school, alot. I started on the new cat tales contest but, as you probably know, I didn’t finish in time. I decided to continue writing and when a short story project came up at school I entered a revised edition. I am now working on adding more meat to my story sandwhich and turning it into an e-book. I will send a teaser if you like. Please ask permission of the author who inspired the contest for me to publish.

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