The Thousand Dollar Turkey


There is still time–barely!–for you to add a bit of lettuce to your Thanksgiving table.  1,000 green, leafy dollar bills, to be exact. That’s what the winner of the A Word With You Press Literary Award of Excellence will have to be thankful for on November 25th.  That’s when we announce the winner and click “send” on Paypal to the writer who inspired us most with just 1,000 words to read what follows of their unpublished manuscript, memoir, screenplay or poetry.    What are waiting for, Pilgrim? A presidential pardon?

Important updates:
The top five Runners-up will be included in a drawing to have thier manuscript evaluated by our award-winning Editor-in-chief, waiving the $2 per page editorial fee.  To accomodate those who only recently knew about our contest We are extending the deadline to november 15. the winner will still be announced on thanksgiving day and $1,000 sent through paypal immediately


Announcing our first Annual

Literary Excellence Award

A Thou$and Reasons to Write

A thousand words could earn a thou$and dollar$

Demand our attention! With just your first 1,000 words, pull us in and don’t let go. The guillotine falls exactly at 1,000 words so make each word matter. (Title and author-identification excluded from the word-count.)

Open to all unpublished manuscripts or works-in-progress of fiction in any genre, including memoir, poetry or screenplay. The entry that most inspires us to read further wins $1,000, a plaque commemorating your achievement, and a complimentary professional overview of your manuscript, normally offered at $2 per page. Oh…and bragging rights!

Send your best to as a separate word attachment

We’ll post each entry on our website and include a synopsis and author bio. This is a great way to build your platform, and winning will up your chances of snagging an agent or publisher.

First submissions will be posted in mid-September, and the contest closes November 1rst. All submissions will be posted by November 15th, and the winner announced November 25th–Thanksgiving!  Cash prize delivered via Paypal Thanksgiving Day.

Entry fee is 20 bucks. Send no money now; we’ll bill you after we post your entry. If you order Fire in the Belly: How to write your novel with Purpose and Passion for 2.99 on Amazon. buy here ,we’ll reduce the entry fee to $15. Simply write any sentence from deep in the book on the top of your submission to have the discount apply.

We hope that by sharing your work you’ll inspire others to do the same, helping us expand a vibrant community of writers. Limit synopsis to about 100 words, same with the bio.  Include a jpg of your handsome/beautiful face if you’d like to share it.

Editor-in-chief being brilliant

Publishing rights:  By submitting your work, you are giving AWwYP the right to publish your work on this site and one-time rights in hard copy and/or eBook, after which all rights revert back to the author.  We reserve the right not to publish anything that is sent to us.


  • MS Word compatible (.doc or .rtf; please do NOT use docx, as some of our editors do not use Word for PC)
  • Double-spaced
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Title, author at top (will be displayed if published)
  • Author email and contact info (will not display)
  • Optional: link to your website and a request to post link at the end of your story.



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