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Your entries are slowly being unearthed for our current In The Bowels of the Bowery contest.  Here is archeologist Kyle Katz entry:


 Scopes trial. Document case 768p. Sept 11th 2113

by KYLE Katz


The gavel slammed the wooden desk resonating its belligerent disrespect for the plaintiff.  Numerous wide screens placed in an arena for public viewing went dark.

Judge Mackerel’s white robe draped her large frame as she sat smugly in her bulletproof glass cage in disbelief. Her spit of rage covered the clean glass as the mucus slid down her vessel of protection.


Robert Scopes, a descendant of John Scopes, a high school biology teacher prosecuted for illegally teaching the theory of evolution in 1925… spoke softly.

“This is not a question between right or wrong, but ‘NO’ question should arise between ignorance and truth.  Scopes voice mounted, then spewed its fury of injustice. “And you, mam are ignorant!


She stood. The gavel hammered downward. “This is an outrage! There will be order in this court.” Judge Mackerel grabbed her chest.  “Counsel, reprimand your client. This is not the 20th century.” She stepped forward breathing on the glass. “CALL ME SIR!” she quivered.


Robert Scopes, a leading scientist unintimidated, continued.

“The DNA evidence should not and cannot be repressed because of your religious or political beliefs SIR!  May I remind YOU, It’s against the law and is punishable by death. Your Death.”


“Clear the courtroom. Everyone. Out! This will not be a circus act, such as the monkey trials that transpired in Tennessee Dr. Scopes.” This is New York City. We are the capital now.”


Reporters, intern delegates, historians, priest, archbishops, rabbis, Islam’s leaders, spiritual consultants, and all affiliates were pushed into the arena waiting for the news… that leaked.


The quietness made the court seem shallow and the Judge more humane.

Judge Mackerel spoke delicately, understanding Robert Scope’s dilemma.

“Son, they voted us to this position as center of this global community. The delegates have a responsibility to keep the order.

“Your honor…sir, it’s the people’s responsibility to present the truth… Scopes looks up gazing at the ceiling. He slapped his steel binder containing the documents “…and the global delegates to enforce it!”


Scopes presentation attorney moved forward. “Your honor, is it true that you’re an atheist?”


“Then I will have to ask you to step down from your post sir.”

“On what conclusion counsel?”

“Your inability to conduct a fair presentation trial based on the evidence because of your faith.”

“Counsel it is not my faith that I’m concerned about, nor should you, it’s the impact on global religions after a hundred years of struggle… collapsing.  My goodness man can’t you see what this new finding will bring. Peace will turn to chaos.”

New York City was the first to sign the acceptance act under President Obama, where all religions are now celebrated, including the vast amount of population that proudly claim themselves atheist.


She paused. “So Counselor, Doctor Scopes it is because of my faith that I rebuke your dismissal.”


The skybox of the 125 delegates centered on the ceiling side-by-side skyped their decisions. Unanimous in favor of Judge Mackerel.

“Proceed with your evidence counsel. Dr Scopes, please, you and I will both have to contain our excitement during the evidence section.” The Judge rendered.


Scopes affirmed.


The counsel projected a satellite Hologram which filled the room, where an archeological dig took place six months prior on the 911-memorial site.


“Your honor and delegates,

Exhibit one:

Field Drone168 melay, processed through the main computer grid, a transmission device. Material made from Canigate, only found in sector 2, an unstable atmosphere.” Counsel explained.


Exhibit two:

A transfer box –same material– being raised from the site at 2 miles below ground zero. With the touch of a finger, the counselor spins the sphere in mid air,

“As you can see the dig was sliced, …only a  Sector 2 military intelligence team could engineer such a precise operation.”


Exhibit three:

“The body of Christ. Dr Scope matched pieces of the Christ burials shroud of Turin.” The counselor spun the sphere revealing the DNA code log. “It’s a match, your honor.”


Dr. Scopes looks to the delegates with sharp eyes. Ladies and gentlemen “A match! He points. “Its all there! The results are confirmed and documented. Unequivocally, it’s the DNA of Jesus Christ!

The glass cage lifted then latched itself onto the ceiling.

Judge Mackerel reached in her robe, fumbled for her lipstick, glides a pastel pink over her thin dry lips. She ran her fingers through her sparse graying chestnut hair, then placed her glasses in her pocket.

“Please approach the bench?” She sighs.


The overhead screens of the 125 delegates crackled then faded to black.

“You do know what you have unleashed, Dr. Scopes?

“We have no choice your honor.”

She pointed toward the door. “ Then… Dr. Scopes, Counsel the press awaits you.”

Judge Mackerel staggered toward her chambers,

“May God help us.”




6 thoughts on “The Scope of Work Documents

  1. Michael Stang says:

    God, I am willing to assume, will prove to be no help whatsoever as I spied him packing his bags and leaving for Chigaco.  What else is he to do.  But alas, I do not wish to make a fun of this most serious piece of extremely talented work.  Kyle, you have quite out done yourself:  Characterization is flawless and I am still working on the meaning of finding the body of Christ under the horrific location.  There is so much at work here and the discriptives that allow us to see a future courtroom; I am so impressed.  Keep the faith.

    • Tlrelf says:

      So, I was definitely NOT expecting a Scopes descendent or Jeshua ben Joseph’s DNA. I’m with The Stanganator with wondering if the DNA is under the relic or the relic itself is supposedly covered with his DNA or?
      An interesting take. 

  2. KYLE says:

    Thank you for reading and feedback Mike. It’s certainly a drama piece, intended to provoke a lot of questions. Unbeknownst to me, my son Judge just finished an essay on The Scopes trial.When he read this, It opened a lot of heated discussion about– What if?….until Midnight. But he really loved the twist and turns. He hated my original ending. Made me re-think it. He was right. I love having a writer as a son, or is it, a son as a writer?

  3. Diane Cresswell says:

    Well as Mike said – you have definitely out done yourself on this one.  Love Judge’s what if premise because that is the greatest starting point to any story.  What if the DNA legitimized Christ?   Would this reality make any difference to the world?  Maybe – maybe not…but you sure ‘spun’ the hologram into placement for the possibility.  That last line was AWESOME for an atheist.  The Irish priest from “What the Bleep” made a point of saying that even those that profess to have non faith beliefs have a “belief” in a higher power of some form and you just laid it out there. So fricking cool!!!

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