The sands of time are falling: 3 days left to enter our contest Lost Love


Become the archaeologist of your own soul, buried under shifting but deep sands. Break out your shovel and whisk broom and start the dig. Your past is something preserved, in tact, and I am asking you to unearth it.

I want you to imagine that you have had a recent encounter with your first love. What do you say? What do you feel? What has changed? And the most vexing question: What if?  500 words.

Maybe that first love was the Ford Mustang, re-discovered in a used car lot when you came home one summer to see the folks.  Maybe it was that rescue puppy from the pound, whose own soul had re-entered the pup you got the kids for Christmas? Maybe it was the woman you could never live without, or the man you could live without? You can do this. Contest ends the Ides of March.

The desert wind is picking up, and the sands are shifting.  Start digging!

Here is the link with submission details. You can enter up to three times.Please share this on FB to help us get a wide variety of new writers to join the fold



ps:  Anyone notice the two Satikushes in this picture? (to the uninitiated, the Satikushes are the cats who guard the Towers that are A Word with You Press.)

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