The same old grind


Out with my old life; hand me a new one.

Sounds like a perfect New Year’s sediment–oops!–sentiment!.  And it comes from someone new to our site who found us by first visiting our friend and neighbor Victor Villasenor at

Victor is the inspiration for The Third Annual Victor Villasenor First Sentence Contest.  He has just been nominated for a third time to be be awarded The Pulitzer Prize, this time for Lion Eyes, which you can preview on his website.

Christina Espinosa has a work in progress called Madre Bendita, and from this she offeres her first sentence as a contest submission.


Muela mi vida vieja,
Hazme una nueva.
(rough translation: out with my old life, hand me a new one)
Madre Bendita,
Christina Espinosa
“Y así se hace el Chile de limón” said Mami Lucy, our passive aggressive matriarch, putting down the tejolote.
If it was one thing she knew, it was chilitos.  She could make a meal for our entire family with flour, chile, and garlic.  Of course she had experience making something from nothing. Her family had left Montemorelos during the Villa period, leaving behind their property and belongings to become poor Braceros in the  United States.  My Mami Lucy was born right on the  river bank, becoming the first United States citizen in her family, although, she would forever refer to white people as “Americanos”, meaning Americans, a group to which she would tell you she was proud never to include herself in.

5 thoughts on “The same old grind

  1. Stars Fall On My Heart says:

    Hello there, Christina!!!

    The title alone sounds enticing! And the opening sentence and paragraph leaves a spicy tease on my eyes and tongue <3 Welcome to the site <3

  2. Michael Stang says:

    Christina, what a welcomed first sentence.  I can smell the richness in the simplicity.  I can feel the torment as well.  Welcome to the site.  Please be at home here, we love new writers, especailly those who can talk.

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