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I do hope everyone is enjoying their summer, though I myself choose to live in perpetual spring, the heat be damned.  A Word with You Press will be undergoing a mild transformation in the next few weeks, all the better to serve you, and we may hibernate the first week of August before we show you our new wardrobe.  We will have several features in addition to our contests, and multiple associate editors providing you with links to writerly stuff.  All to be detailed when the curtain is hoisted once again.

In the meantime, His Moiness-in-Chief, is writing a book on editing. One chapter will address a very basic question: Why do you write?  I have received some very illuminating responses to this, and I invite more.  Leave your own reasons in the comment box or send them to me.  By  submitting your reasons in the comment box, you are giving me the right to print your answers both digitally and in hard copy and make a million bucks from it.

I found this from an obscure book of poetry given to me by James Joyce.

The Reason I Write

(Leonard Cohen–Poems 1956-1968)

The reason  I write

is to make something

as beautiful as you are

When I’m with you

I want to be the kind of hero

I wanted to be

when I was seven years old

a perfect man

who kills

So why do you write?

11 thoughts on “The Reason I Write

  1. Walter L Fisher says:

    I write because I have to. If I stay away from it too long I have long, detailed story dreams. It’s my mind telling me I have to get back to writing.

  2. Wendy Joseph says:

    Why do I write? Because I have to. Words, characters, ideas, and stories come to me, and I must write them down. Writing is a cruel lover who torments and tortures you, and exalts and propels you at the same time. You never know if anyone will like it or buy it or remember it. And the pain of continual rejection and never winning contests or getting any acclaim for your work or making a living from it is intense and immeasurable and lasts till eternity dies, and your work with it.

    So why do I write?

    Because I have to.

  3. Dolores Cruz (Rider) says:

    Hmm! Honestly I want to put my “creativity” to my own test. I write different types of poetry. During a search for the correct word to flow with or finding the correct syllable count helps me develope patience (wink, wink).

  4. Don Maker says:

    Like everyone—lawyers, scientists, politicians—I feel the need to express myself. As artists, our ideas are expressed in pictures painted on the minds of readers through words that are intended to evoke graphic images and inspire provocative thoughts. They are about humans: why we do the things we do, and perhaps even how we might behave better in varying and often trying circumstances. How we might be even more human, rather than merely animals with opposable thumbs. I write because I have to. Because it is the best form of personal expression I can imagine, and because I can’t play the guitar. Because it is cathartic.

  5. John Savage says:

    I write for the glory… and money.
    Well, sort of.
    As I have previously stated, I do not have any message to give to the world. I have no cause to champion. No deep, philosophical insight to impart. I simply want to entertain people with fictional fantasies. The fact that people seem to like them and pay me for more, is a constant amazement and delight.

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