The Question…Is the Answer. OUR FINAL FINALIST!!!


I know this was a long, drawn out contest with so many hiccups (GET OUT OF BED AND POST SOMETHING, STEF!) but I wanted us to slow down with this last entry…and look into ourselves for the key to a better world. Our last finalist asks:

What Would You Do To Change The World?

The question stated is a debatable subject which makes me uncomfortable in giving an answer to what I think is the right thing for all to do.

My thoughts:

Mr. Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Life gives us gifts: experiences from conceptualized thoughts to learn from.

Change happens inwardly.

The changes within me are: compassion, integrity, imagination/passion, diversity of experiences, a consciously aware mind/spirit, responsibility in my actions/words, realizing negativity and fear hold me back, and love. Love is the guide.

Answer: Life is messy and adventurous. Rise to it! Be the change!!!


Even a writer has to concede when she realizes there are no more words.

4 thoughts on “The Question…Is the Answer. OUR FINAL FINALIST!!!

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Here is a philosophy salad of a quoted answer & many overly generalized, personal ones. I agree that “change happens within”; however if not applied to one’s outward behaviour towards others, it is sorely wasted, because the human species is in danger of extinction & losing ground. We need real answers.

    My vote is for Mr. Chaplin who answered this finalist question on many occasions far better, in half as many words, with 10 times the clarity & wisdom in his both emotional & prophetic way. Charlie Chaplin gave us more with his silent, facial expressions than most writers do with 1000 words.

    The Lady Pafia

  2. Diane Cresswell says:

    I have always found as I travel my own journey that the simplistic guidance given has the most effective ability to allow perceptions to change. Whether it is one word or many, when understanding arises change happens first within and then moves outward for that person can no longer be who she or he was. Seems as if this person comprehended and understood what change means on a personal level. From that understanding it would seem to me that that person knows how to make his or her journey a bit more effective by what they know and can show others. Some are meant for greatness on a global scale and others achieve greatness through understanding how change really works. Mr. Ghandi’s statement is a powerful one.

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